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Melania Trump’s Style – The Incredible Evolution

Melania Trump’s Style - The Incredible EvolutionThe style of first ladies has always caused a media stir, whether the spotlight was on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Nancy Regan, Michelle Obama, or Melania Trump.

Whether you love or hate her, it’s undeniable that Ms. Trump’s wardrobe has always been fascinating, with the model-turned-FLOTUS a natural when it comes to making a style statement.

From her era as a carefree model to becoming the girlfriend (and then wife) of a rich business mogul and her reign in the White House, here’s a closer look at the evolution of Melania Trump’s style.

Melania Trump – Nailed Her ‘90s Supermodel Years

Melania Trump’s wardrobe looks very different today than during the younger years of her life.

While she was born and raised in Slovenia, with humble beginnings as her family was poor, she was determined to leave her homeland and make something of herself, and most would agree that she did just that!

She moved to New York in 1996 with dreams of becoming a model, telling Harper’s Bazaar in 2016 that she “always loved fashion” and being the “tallest” and “skinniest” one helped too.

About two years later during a Fashion Week party, she met Donald Trump, and their courtship began, even though she rejected his advances at first.

During that time, a 28-year-old Melania had darker chestnut hair, a tad wavy, with the ‘90s, quintessential pencil brows. The model donned slinky satin babydoll dresses, simple sandals, and lace clutches – a far cry from the elaborate outfits she wears now.

Melania Trump’s LBD Phase

As her romance with The Donald evolved, so did Melania’s style. In 1999, she began appearing at events a little more polished up, thus officially entering her “little black dress” (LBD) era. Melania’s hair looked far sleeker (ironed), and she just looked more put together.

Moving Into The Y2K Years

By the time 2001 hit, Melania obtained her green card and was settling into her American life, attending glitzy events and fashion shows.

Her modeling career was flourishing, and she appeared on the New York Magazine cover that recreated the “V-J Day in Times Square”, a tribute to the firefighters who bravely put their lives on the line during the September 11 attacks.

As fur was making a comeback, Melania embraced this trend, appearing at the 2002 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, giving mob wife vibes in an oversized fur coat, over a black slinky slip dress.

Melania’s Slip-Ups At The End Of The Decade

Melania Trump would marry Donald in 2005, and that fall attended the Meta Gala in a black satin Alexander McQueen gown, with a retro updo, that she would later be a fashion go-to for her as first lady.

Still, as the decade wore on, she did have a few slip-ups in style. In 2008, she went to the Sex and the City movie premiere wearing a white smock dress that was pared with an unflattering oversized bead necklace, finishing it off with zebra print heels.

Still, as a new mom of two-year-old Barron Trump at the time, she may have had other more important things on her mind.

Foreshadowing Her First Lady Gig

As 2010 rolled around, Melania’s style transformed toward graceful aesthetics, which has become something she’s known for, today.

While attending the ACE Awards event, she donned a figure-hugging, sparkly black gown, and retro updo, adding to the outfit with diamond jewelry accessories.

As 2016 rolled around and Donald Trump’s aspirations to become the 45th president were well underway, Melania’s style became a centerpiece in the media spotlight.

Throughout her hubby’s presidential campaign, Melania could be seen in elegant and timeless attire, marking a shift from a “snazzy” New Yorker to a modest politician’s wife.

While at the Republican National Convention event, she wore a refined white shift dress with beautiful puff sleeves and created quite the buzz within style columns because of the ensemble.

Channeling Her Inner Jackie-O At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

When Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th U.S. President at the White House in January 2017, there were quite a few who were impressed by his speech.

However, Melania was praised for her amazing outfit, when she donned a soft pastel dress suit, with matching duck-egg blue gloves, and her hair pinned up, looking very Jackie-O-esque. Later that night, she stunned with an off-the-shoulder cream inaugural gown, by Hervé Pierre. “

The Green Jacket Scandal

As Donald Trump’s presidency wore on, Melania faced some controversy in 2018 when she donned a military-style Zara jacket with the words, “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back of it, while heading to McAllen, Texas.

Some human rights organizations thought it was a heartless sentiment, considering the controversy around Donald’s stance on the migrant issue the U.S. was facing and the detainment centers in that region.

Still, Donald made it clear on the X social media platform, known as Twitter at that time, that Melania’s statement was directed toward the mainstream media and “fake news” when it came to her wardrobe choices.

Melania’s Style During Donald’s First Re-Election Bid

As her first-lady stint wrapped up, Melania’s style trended toward traditionalist. Giving a speech during the 2020 Republican National Convention, she wore a military green suit, where the color resembled that of her 2018 “don’t care” jacket.

Naina Singla, a Stylist, revealed to Express that Ms. Trump’s wardrobe choices had become far more conservative since becoming FLOTUS, moving away from form-fitting, baby doll, dresses, with plunging necklines, and miniskirts to dropped hemlines, more pants and pant suits, overall having her look more “professional” and “polished”.

Melania Trump’s Post-White House Style

No longer overly in the public eye, Melania’s style transformed into something a little more lowkey after leaving the White House.

During the summer of 2021, she was caught on camera with her son Barron Trump, both “twinning” as they wore jeans and carrying handbags, heading out of Trump Tower.

Melania dressed up the casual look though, wearing a crisp black button-down shirt, and massive sunglasses.

Melania Trump’s Style During Comeback Campaign

In 2023, she supported hubby Donald during his 37-count indictment, that centered around the classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

While it was a tough day for Donald, Melania looked in tip-top style shape, wearing a black sweater over a tan skirt, with a classic Chanel purse and two-tone ballet flats.

During a recent appearance at a Palm Beach polling station during Donald’s comeback campaign trail in 2024, she looked incredible, wearing an Alexander McQueen white shirt dress, with a large floral graphic upon it, a thin black belt, and beautiful black high heels.

What else will Melania have in store when it comes to style? Only time will tell!

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