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Halle Berry And Patrick Wilson Try to Save Earth In New “Moonfall” Trailer

 Halle Berry And Patrick Wilson Halle Berry fans are buzzing about her new movie.  “Save the Moon… save Earth” could be the newest catchphrase for sci-fi nerds, but what if the moon isn’t like anything we thought it was? The inhabitants of this little blue-green rock will have to answer the question in “Moonfall” even as a de-orbited moon hurtles towards the planet. But yeah, “hang on, everybody”.

All We Know About Lionsgate’s Space Thriller “Moonfall”

On Thursday, Lionsgate released its first official trailer for the upcoming science fiction thriller “Moonfall”.

“If you’re watching this, then you know by now a huge problem is heading our way,” conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) reveals the shocking news at the beginning of the trailer.

In a light-hearted nod that showed off the film’s comedic edge, he adds that he’s offering “free bagels” to the people who would be meeting him at their “usual place immediately”.

But, as you already would have suspected, there’s not much to laugh about regarding the massive rock – our very own precious moon – falling towards Earth at a speed that’ll wipe out all life all within days. And yet, Bradley’s Houseman brightens up the otherwise gloomy occurrence with his quirky attitude and funny one-liners. In case you’re wondering, the conspiracy nerd totally discovered the anomaly way before NASA had any idea of it.

Joining Houseman is former Astronaut and NASA executive Jo Fowler (Halle Berry, 55), who recruits astronaut Brian Harper (Wilson, 48) and attempts to take the fight to the source.

Between flashes of scenes, Berry’s Fowler discovers that they’re dealing with more than a falling moon: an unknown force is inhabiting the moon, and it soon finds them “dealing with an intelligent entity” in space.

Another scene shows the trio blasting off into space on a spacecraft as Berry’s character worries about their “plan” to stop the falling moon, even though she believes she’s the only one with the key to prevent the impending disaster. Meanwhile, those left on Earth try their best to battle the natural forces brought on by an offset gravity.

We then get glimpses into glorious battle scenes and some iconic explosions, brought to you by Roland Emmerich, the genius behind other hit disaster-themed movies including “Day After Tomorrow”, “Godzilla” and “Independence Day”.

Roland Emmerich On The Inspiration Behind New Movie

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emmerich, 66, shared that the concept of “Moonfall” came to be when he read “Who Built the Moon?” by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

Emmerich said it was the first time he came across “the idea that maybe the moon is not what we think it is, that it’s built rather than natural.”

“Some people believe that megastructures are a built shell around a star,” he explained. “Enormous, enormous structures that are more or less like a cage around a captured star.”

“Moonfall” will premiere in theaters on Feb. 4

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