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Neighbours Spoilers: Chloe and Elly Take It To The Next Level

Neighbours Spoilers: Chloe and Elly Take It To The Next LevelNeighbours spoiler’s finally confirm a romantic reunion for Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway.  Neighbours Chloe Brennan is over the moon next week when Elly agrees to finally go on a date with her.

Chloe has been in love with Elly for a long time, and the two of them hooked up earlier in the year. Though Elly claimed it was just an in-the-moment action at the time, it seems she’s finally starting to gain feelings as Chloe’s persistence pays off.

After only recently reuniting with her brother, Chloe feels that she must first let Mark know how she and Elly now feel about each other. After graciously giving them his blessing, Chloe tells Elly that she thinks they should give dating a go.

Neighbours Spoilers – Mark Gives His Blessing

Elly is truly shocked by Chloe’s suggestion and is about to give her response but is quickly pulled away to deal with some work drama at Erinsborough High. Angry school mum Angela Lane is demanding that Elly be sacked for allowing herself to be put in a position where she could be blackmailed by a student. For this reason, headteacher Susan Kennedy sets up a meeting to try and resolve the situation.

Elly’s future at the school isn’t looking good when Angela refuses to back down, insistant that a teacher shouldn’t act this way. However, her position is saved when Angela’s own daughter Lacy, alongside Kirsha Rebecchi, start a petition to keep her instated as a teacher. Finally realising that she isn’t going to win, Angela backs down. Pleased that she can stay in her job and feelings good about herself, Elly tracks down Chloe and tells her that she wants to go on a date.

Neighbours Spoilers – It Won’t Be Easy For Chloe And Elly

But everything isn’t plain sailing. Despite reuniting the two, Chloe’s brother Aaron worries that she might be getting ahead of herself. He therefore confronts Elly and warns her not to use Chloe as a test to see if she does want to start pursuing relationships with women.

The warning makes her think deeply, forcing her to admit to Chloe that she hasn’t really thought much about her sexuality but their current situation is starting to overwhelm her. Chloe is understanding, assuring Chloe that there’s no pressure and she certainly doesn’t have to give herself a label. Finally feeling relaxed, Elly leans in for a passionate kiss with Chloe.

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