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Neighbours Spoilers: Karl Kennedy’s Shock Collapse – Will Beloved Character Survive?

Neighbours Spoilers: Karl Kennedy's Shock Collapse - Will Beloved Character Survive?Neighbours spoilers tease that Karl Kennedy’s health takes a turn for the worst – so much so that he could die.

Neighbours couple Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) face one of the worst possible situations, when emotional scenes reveal that Karl could die.


The Australian soap has teased a huge line up for the beloved Kennedy’s over the next couple of weeks, which begins when Susan gets lost in the Australian outback with student Kirsha Rebecchi during an Erinsborough High School trip. Kirsha was subject to bullying by mean girl Poppy and although Poppy is sent home, decides she doesn’t want to walk with the rest of the group. For this reason, Susan and Kirsha stay behind and end up getting lost.

Although Susan and Kirsha return safe and well, Karl – who went out to look for his wife – isn’t so lucky. Of course, viewers have seen his health determinate in the last few weeks after a flight back from London resulted in a deep vain thrombosis (DVT) diagnosis.

During his search Karl struggles to breathe and collapses, breaking his leg in the process. On top of this, his DVT has progressed into a pulmonary embolism. Thankfully Xanthe stumbles across Karl in the bush and is able to put some of her hospital work experience into practice. She resets his bone and moves them both to a clearing where a rescue helicopter comes to pick them up.

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While Karl is rushed to hospital Susan is anxiously waiting on news, feeling guilty that he was out looking for her. This initially manifests in anger, furious that he decided to look for her on his own despite his bad health.

When Susan is then told by doctor David Tanaka that Karl might not pull through, anger turns to devastation and begins to think of life without her husband.

Spoiler pictures show Susan hugging Karl’s jacket, contemplating life without him. Neighbours won’t be the same without the Kennedys – will Susan really lose Karl?

Tune into Neighbours to watch these scenes unfold!

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