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Neighbours Spoilers: Leo’s Business Lunch Ruined When Vera Shows Up

NeighboursNeighbours spoilers and updates reveal every time we see Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton) on screen, we know there’s going to be trouble. Next week, we’ll finally see Vera again, and this time it’s Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) she’s going to clash with!

For quite some time Leo has been considering how to improve the vineyard he owns. He’s keen to install a gin distillery, believing it would be a great business venture. After thoroughly planning everything out, he decides to host a lunch in which he can pitch his ideas to potential investors. He really wants his business idea to be successful so that he can create a good life for his family – his daughter Abigail Tanaka and her mother Britney Barnes. (Montana Cox)

Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) is confident about the lunch; happy people are turning up. That is, until troublesome neighbour Vera Punt turns up. It’s not long until Vera’s abrupt and overpowering personality takes over. She’s glad to be sitting opposite to Nicolette and Jane, taking the opportunity to question Nicolette about the previous love triangle between her, Chloe, and Leo.

Neighbours Spoilers – Business Lunch Off Track

The business lunch quickly turns totally off track, and Nicolette and Vera are engaged in a fierce argument. Jane and Leo watch on, rattled that the lunch is ruined, and Vera has the nerve to get involved in a past situation that has nothing to do with her.

When Vera implies that Leo stole Chloe, Nicolette sees red. She is so angry that she picks up her drink and throws it into Vera’s face. Thankfully Leo isn’t too angry with Nicolette – he totally understands why she does it!

Neighbours Spoilers – Business Lunch Does’nt Go As Planned

Although the business lunch doesn’t go as planned, Leo is happy that Britney was at his side throughout. He’s felt his feelings for her grow, and really hopes that soon they can get together and become a proper family in which to raise Abigail.

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