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Neighbours Spoilers: Zara Wracked With Guilt As Amy Rushed To Hospital

NeighboursNeighbours spoilers and updates reveals Erinsborough residents are caught up in a deadly storm this week, but the drama doesn’t stop there. In upcoming scenes, Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) is one of the many still struggling with injuries she sustained during the storm that hit the Flamingo Bar and killed Britney Barnes. (Montana Cox)

Her injuries are just one of many problems, though. Amy is out of a job as The Flamingo Bar was flattened in the storm after an electrical pole fell on it. She’s stressed and has no idea how she’s going to support herself and her daughter Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke) financially. While on the job hunt, Amy makes an impulsive buy, thinking she might have found a way to solve her money problems. However, after completing the sale of her new food truck, Amy starts having doubts.

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Meanwhile, Zara is struggling to settle into her new school, Erinsborough High. She has a nasty experience with a couple of the schools mean girls, and clashes with teachers over her uniform, in particular the shortness of her dress. When Zara finds out about her mums new business venture, she gets further frustrated. Wanting to be the sole focus of Amy’s attention, she begins purposely causing trouble at school, lashing out whenever she gets the chance. When she deliberately sets the fire alarm off and disrupts the whole school, teacher Jane Harris has no choice but to act.

Amy is shocked to hear about what Zara did, and the two soon get into an argument. While storming off, Zara pushes Amy, who is still recovering from her injuries. Amy falls to the ground in pain, but Zara just walks away, thinking her mum is faking it. But she’s not, and luckily Ned Willis (Ben Hall) finds her in time to help.

As Ned and Zara spend the night at the hospital hoping Amy pulls through, Zara is wracked with guilt. She feels responsible and can’t forgive herself.

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