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90 Day Fiance’ Recap November 25: Baby Blues, Age Differences, And Trust Issues

90 Day Fiance’ Recap November 25: Baby Blues, Age Differences, And Trust Issues90 Day Fiance’s November 25 recap begins with Colt, Larissa, and Debbie going out to eat. Larissa doesn’t like Debbie’s cooking; she says it tastes like hospital food.

90 Day Fiance – Colt and Larissa

The trio is going to a Brazilian steakhouse to celebrate their engagement. Larissa wants a big wedding with Brazilian food for the reception. None of Larissa’s family came to the wedding. Debbie asks if they have made any wedding plans. Larissa says Colt won’t make plans he acts like it’s new to him. Debbie doesn’t think Colt is ready to get married. Larissa asks if Colt isn’t sure he wants to get married. Colt explains the wedding plans as complicated.

Colt wants to prove to Larissa that he wants to marry her. Colt has found a venue he wants Larissa to check out with him. The bistro gives them three options for the reception. Colt upsets Larissa by complimenting the waitress. Larissa says Colt is a womanizer and she doesn’t like it. Larissa tells Colt he is an attention whore. Larissa tells Colt he should be paying attention to her, not other women.

Colt wants Larissa to be calm and collective. Colt doesn’t believe he should have to watch how much attention he pays to other women. They sample Jamaican carrot cake, Larrisa wants something chocolate. Larissa is upset because Colt says he’s not sure if he wants to marry her. Larissa says Colt needs to prove to her that he wants to get married.

90 Day Fiance – Olga and Steven

Olga and the baby are getting out of the hospital. Olga and Steven are already fighting. Steven is frustrated and has anger issues. They argue over the car seat position. Olga sits in the back with the baby. Olga is worried about Steven’s anger issues. Olga and Steven argue about feeding the baby.

Olga believes the baby should come first. Steven is acting out of control, and Olga is upset and crying. Steven doesn’t like people telling him what to do. Olga is tired and upset. Steven needs to calm down and speak to Olga with respect.

Steven and Olga have just gotten the baby home and have been fighting all morning. Olga needs Steven to be more patient and give her time; she just had surgery. Steven says he needs to catch up on his sleep. Olga tells Steven its hard for her to handle everything she’s gone through plus his temper.

Olga tells Steven they need to calm down because it makes the baby nervous. Steve thinks tonight will be rough without the doctors and nurses around. Olga wants Steven to calm down and listen to the silence a while.

90 Day Fiance – Jay and Ashley

Jay has been in America for two months. Jay always had fun, and he’s not getting to do that here. Jay doesn’t have friends in America. Ashley says Jay has been quite the past few days. Jay says it is difficult to communicate with Ashley. Jay is texting with a girl from Jamaica. Ashley is upset that Jay is talking to these women. Jay doesn’t get why he can’t text with women back home.

Ashley tells Jay he just doesn’t get it. Ashley and Jay argue over their phones. Jay says Ashley acts like everyone who texts him is a former lover. Ashley asks Jay about going out at midnight. Ashley needs Jay to be open with her, or they won’t have a relationship. Ashley has been cheated on twice and has trust issues.

Jay and Ashley fought. Jay cooks her some Jamaican food to apologize. Jay thinks Ashley believes she is always right. Ashley says they need to have better communication. Jay thinks Ashley shuts him out a lot. Jay tells Ashley she is crazy. Jay says Ashley needs to stop being spiteful.

Jay believes Ashley should give him space to talk. Ashley wants to know where Jay went last night; Jay tells her he only knows two places. Ashley expects Jay to let her know when he is leaving the house. Ashley doesn’t want to live her life having to question where Jay is going. Jay says he isn’t Ashley’s child and doesn’t need to ask permission to leave. Ashley tells Jay it is common courtesy to tell someone you are leaving the house.

90 Day Fiance – Leida and Eric

Leida’s family is going back home. Leida’s family is disappointed with Eric. Eric says Leida’sfamly is not impressed with him. Leida is upset that her sister wouldn’t come to tell her goodbye. Leida’s father misses his grandson and says Eric must work hard to make a life for his family. Leida parents don’t know if they will be back for that wedding. Leida doesn’t know when she will see her family again and part of her wants to return home.

Leida and Eric are home, and she is trying to help clean the apartment. Leida thinks Tasha left the mess on purpose. Leida’s family has maids to clean the house. Eric has been looking at houses. Leida’s son has to sleep in the room with her and Eric. Tasha is coming home soon and will meet Leida for the first time. Leida doesn’t want to meet Tasha; she wants her to move out now. Eric says he can’t put Tasha out on the street. Eric tells Leida they have to work this out. Eric can’t have them at each other’s throats. Tasha arrives home and says hi to Leida. Tasha asks how Leida likes it here so far. Tasha tells Leida she wants her to be comfortable.

Leida tells Tasha she was pissed when she first got here because of the mess. Leida tells Tasha she was upset and asked if she did it on purpose. Tasha tells Leida it is a lot cleaner than she usually sees it. Eric asks Tasha if she feels bad that Leida had to see such a mess. Leida says she wants Tasha to move out. Tasha tells Leida she can’t kick her out, she’s not on the lease. Tasha is on the lease and says maybe they need to move out instead. Eric offers to take Tasha to look at motels that do weekly and monthly leases. Tasha says she is working on getting her a place. Eric has been taking over the bills so Tasha could save money. Tasha says she can’t move out that quickly. Tasha hasn’t paid he part of the rent but doesn’t have an apartment yet. Leida demands Eric be honest with her or he will be in trouble.

90 Day Fiance – Asuelu and Kalani

Kalani feels like there is an awkwardness between herself and Asuelu since the car seat incidence. Asuelu has never learned to ride a bike, so Kalani and her brother are teaching him. Kalani says Asuelu is like a five-year-old. Kalani’s brother asks if they have set a wedding date. Kalani has not made any wedding plans.

Kalani isn’t sure she wants to marry Asuelu at this point. Kalani expects Asuelu to be a better parent than he is. Kalani doesn’t trust Asuelu with the baby and is upset that Asuelu won’t talk about things with her. Kalani needs to see if Asuelu is good with the baby. Kalani wants Asuelu and her brother to go out together so her brother can watch him with the baby. Kalani’s brother says she isn’t good at making big decisions quickly.

Nick and Asuelu are taking the baby out without Kalani. Nick wants to know what Asuelu’s favorite thing is about Asuelu being Oliver’s dad. Asuelu is happy the baby is white and lives in America. Asuelu likes doing things with the baby.

Asuelu puts the baby on his shoulders and Nick thinks that is an issue. Nick doesn’t think Asuelu should be left alone with the baby. Asuelu gets home and tells Kalani about the issue with Nick over the baby. Asuelu is concerned about their relationship because Kalani says everything he does is wrong. Kalani says if he continues to do dangerous things, she won’t marry him.

90 Day Fiance – Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan takes Fernanda to Chicago to meet his family. Jonathan’s family found out he was engaged on Facebook. The first night they meet with Jonathan’s sister and her boyfriend. Fernanda is worried about the meeting. Jonathan asks if Fernanda is sure she wants to marry this old man. Fernanda thinks Jackie has to be nice to her, but she doesn’t approve.

Jackie can’t imagine getting married at nineteen or even twenty-two. Jonathan had no intention of getting married until he met Fernanda. Jonathan didn’t ask his family’s opinion of his engagement. Jackie thinks this will be a huge problem with their mother. Jackie says her mom will ask tough questions. Jonathan doesn’t think his mom will forgive him until she meets Fernanda. Jonathan doesn’t know what it means for their relationship if his mother doesn’t approve.

Fernanda feels better knowing Jackie feels better about her. Fernanda wants to move to Chicago. Jonathan’s mom is coming over to meet Fernanda, and she is worried. Jonathan tries to calm Fernanda’s fears, but he says if his mom doesn’t like her it probably won’t work with him. Jonathan’s mom brings wine for them. She asks Fernanda how she likes Chicago. Jonathan’s mom wants to know when they are getting married.

Jonathan tells her they had to have this conversation with her first; she asks Fernanda if she wants to get married at this point. Fernanda says she wants to get married obviously. Ceci says Fernanda is younger than her youngest child. Fernanda says she doesn’t understand why people think you need to meet ten guys to find the right one. Jonathan tells Ceci that Fernanda is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with for good. Jonathan asks his mom for advice; she tells them to hold off on the wedding. Jonathan wants to make the most of their trip. Ceci asks if Jonathan is paying for the dress and Fernanda invites her to go with her. Fernanda is upset that Ceci wasn’t readily accepting of her. Jonathan sees that Fernanda is upset and tries to comfort her.

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