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90 Day Fiance Recap November 18: Jealous Fights, A Proposal, Baby Time

90 Day Fiance Recap November 18: Jealous Fights, A Proposal, Baby TimeTonight’s 90 Day Fiance Recap begins with Jonathan and Fernanda.  Fernanda has seen Jonathan dancing with another woman and demanded the car keys. Fernanda is in the car and Jonathan is trying to calm her down/

90 Day Fiance Recap – Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan tries to explain that he told the woman he couldn’t dance with her. Jonathan feels bad because Fernanda feels disrespected. Jonathan believes Fernanda is too immature to handle this. Jonathan cannot go through with the marriage if things don’t change.

Jonathan says their last fight was the worst they ever had. Jonathan wants to talk to Fernanda about the fight. Fernanda doesn’t understand what she is doing to deserve this. Jonathan tried to explain what happened and told her the woman could have pressed charges. Fernanda feels that Jonathan isn’t loyal and she feels stupid. Fernanda tells Jonathan that he doesn’t understand. Jonathan tells Fernanda he loves her and would never hurt her. Jonathan admits that it didn’t look good and apologized to her. Jonathan says this cannot happen in front of his family.

Fernanda forgave Jonathan for the club incident. Jonathan and Fernanda go to the gym to work out. Jonathan says there is a lot of sexual energy when working out a the gym, Fernanda agrees. Jonathan says his family is excited about meeting her. Jonathan and his mom aren’t getting along as well. Jonathan’s mother found out about his engagement on social media. Fernanda believes Jonathan isn’t proud of her because he didn’t tell his mom about her. Fernanda wants to know why Jonathan didn’t tell her about this before. Jonathan and Fernanda want to get married in Chicago, and they have less than seven weeks.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Steven And Olga

The doctor has recommended a c-section for Olga because of the baby’s size. Steve is allowed into the operating room. Steven talks to Olga as the surgery progresses. Steve feels that he is growing up as this happens. Steven wants the baby to have the childhood he had hoped for growing up. The baby arrives and Steven and Olga both cry. The baby is a boy; they name his Richie after Steven’s father. Steven holds the baby, and he is very happy.

Olga should be getting released from the hospital today with the baby. Steven is very upset that he only gets to spend an hour a day with them. Steven keeps forgetting that he cannot grab Olga so much. Olga doesn’t want Steven to keep touching the baby all the time. Olga is worried about germs being around the baby. Olga is feeding the baby, and Steven is rushing her. Steven won’t give Olga time to burp the baby. Steven wants to hold the baby, but Olga wants him to wash his hands again. Steven tells Olga she’s not going to get by with being an ass to him. Olga is annoyed with Steven and his attitude.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Colt and Larissa

Larissa says Vegas is a nightmare. Larissa wants to buy a new car with air conditioning. Colt thinks Larissa is impulsive and doesn’t realize how much things cost. Larissa wants a luxury car Colt doesn’t. Colt wants a compact car; she wants a comfortable one. Colt says the luxury car is too expensive and a new car is not a high priority.

Colt realizes that Larissa isn’t happy and has decided to propose to her again. Colt shows his mother the ring, but he doesn’t think she believes that Larissa is the best woman for him. Colt says he loves Larissa enough to put up with her crap. Colt wants to add Larissa to the bank account after she gets a job.

Colt takes Larissa out so that he can officially propose to her. Colt take Larissa to the tallest business in Vegas. Larissa is afraid of heights and tells Colt if she had known he was bringing her here, she wouldn’t have come. Larissa tells Colt he should respect her when she says she doesn’t like high places. Larissa says Colt was insane to bring her here.

Colt and Larissa walk around, and she becomes more comfortable with the height of the building. Colt says he got Larissa a present and gives her the ring. Colt gets on one knee and proposes to Larissa. Larissa expects Colt to stand by her side against his mother. Colt and Larissa go to show his mom her ring. Debbie thinks Colt is spending a lot of money on Larissa.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Jay and Ashley

Jay and Ashley go to the farmers market for fruits and vegetable. Ashley has ended her friendship with Natalie due to her conflict with Jay. Jay isn’t accustomed to this type of farmers market. Jay wants pickles; they don’t have them in most Jamaican places. Jay is very uncomfortable because people are staring at them. Jay questions why white people assume black people are bad. Ashley sees that bringing Jay to the market wasn’t a decision she thought out very well.

Jay misses Jamaica and Ashley works a lot. Jay goes to get his hair cut. Jay tells the barber it’s cold up here. The men at the barber show tell Jay that people will get worse. Jay tells the barbers that his fiance’ lives here. They tell Jay he is too young to get married this early. Jay says he loves Ashley and doesn’t feel like he’s giving up a lot. Jay says he wouldn’t be marrying Ashley this quick if he could live with her here longer first. The barbers advise Jay not to get married yet. They ask Jay how long he has to stay married before he can get divorced, he says two years he thinks.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani and Asuelu are moving to her parent’s vacation house in Utah. Asuelu sits in the back seat with the baby on the trip. Kalani misses having her sister with her. Asuelu asks if a lot of accidents happen on this road. Asuelu asks about Car prices in America. The baby wakes up and begins to cry, Asuelu gives him a toy, but he cries more. Asuelu takes the baby out of the car seat, and Kalani starts cursing him. Asuelu doesn’t realize he has done anything wrong; he was trying to comfort the baby. Kalani didn’t explain to Asuelu that you cannot drive with the baby out of the car seat. Kalani tries to apologize to Asuelu, and he wants no part of it. Kalani demands Asuelu put on a seat belt. Kalani doubts marrying Asuelu because of the car seat incident.

Kalani and Asuelu have made it to Utah, but they are not at the new house yet. Asuelu packs the car but is not speaking to Kalani after her outburst. Asuelu needs time when they fight to calm down. Asuelu likes the flowers outside and feels he is in a rich people house. Kalani’s brother joins them downstairs and gives Asuelu a condom. Kalani asks why her brother gave him the condom; he tells her they don’t need another baby yet. The downstairs is Kalani and Asuelu’s part of the house. Asuelu thinks her brother is weird. Asuelu believes slut people use condoms. Asuelu wants four kids, Kalani says they agreed on two or three. Kalani asks if Asuelu wants another baby now. Kalani points out that neither of them is working. Kalani says she and Asuelu need to get on the same page about babies before the ninety days are up.

90 Day Fiance Recap – Eric and Leida

Leida has left Eric’s apartment and spend the night in her parent’s apartment. Leida’s sister doesn’t know why she has put herself in this situation. Leida is worried that her family won’t like the apartment. Leida’s parents have high expectations. Eric’s apartment is still messy, and her parents are not happy. Leida tells her family she has told Eric to find a bigger place. Leida is upset by the whole situation. Leida’s sister thinks Eric has fooled her. Leida’s father wants her to find another place, a proper place to live. Leida agrees with her family, at this point she is not ready to marry Eric.

Leida’s family hates Eric’s apartment. If Leida’s family doesn’t see Eric as a good provider, they won’t let her stay here. Eric feels betrayed because he wanted to be there when her family saw the apartment. Leida’s family doesn’t understand why Eric has such a small place to live in as a family. Eric says either Tasha needs to move or they do. Eric says the house isn’t unsafe; he believes her family is concerned about their image and not safety. Leida says Tasha is an adult and can move out. Leida says he’s not going to live with Tasha. Eric says he will handle things. Leida’s father offers to help them to rent another place. Eric says he can pay for his place. Eric loves Leida and is going to take care of her. Eric tells him not to worry about the money; he can take care of it and not kick Tasha out. Leida says she’s sticking with Eric and is going to make this work. Leida’s sister doesn’t think she’s in her right mind. Leida trusts Eric to do what he promised.

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