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Melania Trump Hosted At Mar-A-Lago By Pro-LGBT Group

Melania Trump Hosted At Mar-A-Lago By Pro-LGBT GroupShe’s finally doing what everyone has expected her to do. While there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Melania Trump and all the reasons why she’s been out of the spotlight lately, it looks like she’s finally back in action.

The former First Lady was recently hosted at Mar-A-Lago by a pro-LGBT group. And yes, Melania also looked like she was certainly happy to be there, too. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Melania Trump – Hosted At Mar-A-Lago By Pro-LGBT Group

Melania Trump is ready for the spotlight again. In a new interview with Fox News, Melania said that it’s important for the country to unite again while hinting that the only person who is capable of making that happen is her husband, Donald trump.

While his base might not be the most LGBT-friendly, that doesn’t seem to bother Melania at all as she thinks that it’s important to establish a society based on equality for all.

Melania put it this way,Together, we must nourish and safeguard the seeds of liberty. Because, when successful, America blossoms into a magnificent place where everyone can practice their beliefs, share new ideas, and express individualism — this is when we are our best.” 

What’s Next For Melania Trump?

Of course, many of Melania’s fans and critics certainly did have a lot to say about her comments.

Some said, I always liked her. My favorite first lady of my lifetime (and that’s nearly 6 decades). And I’m not a big trump fan. I just think Melania is classy, subtle, educated, and has international experience most Americans don’t have,” along with, “She’s right. But to unify the country, you have to vote out the party that benefits from division. The party that separates the nation into communities based on perceived victimhood.”

Another critic wrote, “Such a classy lady. She shows you how it’s done. Can’t wait for her to be First Lady again! The time for a United, United States is past. It time for the red states to form their own government and let the blue states wallow in their demise.”

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