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Casey Anthony Wants A New Reality Series, But People Are Horrified

 Casey Anthony Wants A New Reality Series, But People Are HorrifiedOver a decade after she infamously entered the public eye for allegedly killing her daughter, Casey Anthony wants to intrude her presence on the public once again. This time, she wants to give fans an indepth look into her everyday life.

Casey Anthony – Makes Moves To Become A Reality Star Decades After the Public Called For Her Arrest

Casey Anthony wants to become a reality TV star, and no, it’s not for a true crime drama. Actually, she’s done with all that excitement and just wants to give fans – and haters – an insight into her world.

Flogged as an indepth look into the life of one of the most controversial women in America – if not the most controversial woman in America – Caylee Anthony is back, but for something a lot more joyful and crime-free than her earlier, you know, rise to fame.

The proposal claimed that the series will shoot in Florida, with Anthony helming the show. “In each episode, Casey will go about her day — working, socializing, dating. She will share her thoughts and opinions, and will give an intimate look into her world,” the proposal read.

As well as starring in it, Anthony would be working with a production company to produce the show, so will be listed as an executive producer.

“Members of Casey’s trusted inner circle, many of whom have never spoken out before” will be appearing alongside her. At the moment, it is understood that the idea for the show has been shopped around to different networks, though it’s not known if any is willing to consider it.

Studio Exec Rejects Anthony Casey’s Proposal Because The Backlash Won’t Be Worth It

“I think that’s a losing bet,” one network exec who has seen the proposal told The Post. “It would get a large audience initially, but what’s really that interesting about her life? Plus the backlash would be huge. Not worth it.”

However the exec adds, “I hope someone else has the balls to buy it. Because I definitely want to watch.”

It’s been 15 years since Anthony crashed into the spotlight following the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. The drama truly started when police opened investigation into the case and found so may oddities as to doubt her story. Needless to say, she quickly warped from a grieving mother to a murderer.

She was promptly arrested after the police caught her in several lies, and the media coverage of the matter gained substantial steam.

In fact, her verdict was watched by 100 million people around the world, with 40 million from the US, per data released by Nielsen.

The prosecution alleged that then 21-year-old Anthony had gotten rid of her daughter so that she can party and have sex with her boyfriend. The defense insisted that Anthony was a loving mother and that little Caylee sadly drowned in a pool.

Her acquittal was frowned upon by millions around the world at the time.

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