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Melania Trump Wore A Hat To Son Barron’s Graduation And The Internet Had A Meltdown

Melania Trump Wore A Hat To Son Barron’s Graduation And The Internet Had A MeltdownMelania Trump wore a hat to her son Barron’s outdoor graduation ceremony creating a bizarre reaction over her fashion choice. To some, the former First Lady, a super model, stood out in all the wrong ways. Here’s what to know about the riot she inspired simply by wearing a chic chapeau.

Melania Trump – Melted The Internet

On Friday, May 17 Barron Trump walked in his high school graduation ceremony. His mom looked like a million bucks in a dark Christian Dior jacket, white skirt, heels, and gold Gucci hat. Note to Nigerian Princess Meghan “Tank Torso” Markle: take a lesson in fashion sense.

For some reason the Washington Post took exception to Melania’s impeccable style calling it “strangely severe.”

Melania Trump – Does Style Like A Super Model

Melania can dress in whatever designer she wants always looks great no matter her choice: she has cheekbones for days and long, leggy stems. But the outlet called her out for wearing what it called her armor, describing her hat as a helmet.

They also made the bizarre claim that no one wears hats anymore. Commenters weren’t buying it with one writing “I beg to differ. I wear a hat almost every day: my straw fedora with a black and white polka dot band, the black Kangol cap my kids gave me” and another opined “Lots of people wear hats in the sun to kept from burning. At an outdoor graduation it is totally appropriate.”

Melania Trump – Loves Hats

Melania likes hats, wearing one when President Emmanuel Macron and his wife came to the United States in 2018 described as an “enormous white hat … a diva crown. A grand gesture of independence.” She later auctioned it off as a NFT in 2022. How many women would love to do the same?

The fit she wore to Barron’s graduation revealed “The strictness of the jacket combined with the should-be lightness of the boater … I’m trying to look professional and festive, but I need to protect myself. Gleaming in the Florida sun, it was like an attempt at an earthy tiara, gesturing at her resistance to dressing relatably, or even being relatable. Symbolizing her desire to control how she is looked at, and her inability to dress in a way that actually tells us what she wants us to know: Her desire to be admired, and her outsize fury at criticism.”

Tell us what you think, did Melania score a home run or strike out by wearing a hat to Barron Trump’s graduation, and are hats passe or perfectly fine?

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  1. Lori Higgons says

    Funny, they sure didn’t call out all the other women who had on hats!! Some looked like what they would wear to the beach, and looked like they had been. Give it a rest!!! First Lady Melania Trump has nothing, NOT A SINGLE DAMN THING to be ashamed of and she sure as hell doesn’t need OUR OR THE FRIGGIN NEWS MEDIA to tell her how to dress!!

  2. MB Demming says

    It is totally up to an individual to wear what they feel is appropriate and comfortable! Melania has enough on her plate without petty comments and criticism. You go girl!

  3. Drose says

    My what she is out in the sun keeps heat off her head and sun from eyes. Nothing better to complain about. She would make a pair of pajamas elegant looking so find something useful to complain about.

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