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1000-LB Sisters Spoilers: Is There A Spin-Off Coming?

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that there could be a new spin-off coming featuring members of Amy and Tammy Slaton‘s family. It turns out that some fans of the show really would like to see a change in the current show. We have been following the sisters for four seasons now and there could be a possible new show. After fans found out how much money the sisters make, they were very upset about it. In fact, there are rumors that they are looking to make more money and possibly with a new network.

1000-LB Sisters Spoilers – Is There Another Production Company Interested?

TLC has had the sisters in a contract for years, but it seems that they are not too happy with their wages. As of right now, they are in the middle of the season. Tammy mentioned that they were going to take a break to film the second half of this season, but have yet to start filming. The production company does want to fly the family out to Greece for an all-expense paid trip. However, this trip may not be what they want. Could this trip be the way to try and keep them with the network?

As much as fans would like to see a trip to Greece in the future, they would also like to see more of the family. This could mean that they want a spin-off series. We have seen other members of their family on their weight loss journeys as well. Chris, Amanda, and Misty have all started their weight loss journeys after seeing their sisters losing massive amounts of weight.

1000-LB Sisters

1000-LB Sisters Spoilers – Redditors Speak Out

As soon as Redditors heard about a spin-off, they started sharing what they would like to see. One wrote, “I’m interested in the stories of the other residents at the facility that Tammy is at.” There were also fans that mentioned that they would like to see more of the other patients in the rehab facility. One Redditor wrote, “I’d love to see a whole series featuring the ongoing stories of the different patients in the facility. Am I alone in this? C’mon, TLC… give us a series about that facility!”

With all the comments about the facility, one more viewer wrote, “I’m not interested in the others at the rehab. I just enjoy the family. They have been through so much. I am happy to see them all sliming down and being happier.” One more added, “I think we may get a spin-off from the sisters, but more in the way of a soon-to-be single Amy entering the wonderful world of single dating. She and Amanda can navigate the online scene, single bars, and speed-dating. Guaranteed to be a hoot!”

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