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1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Upset That Caleb Hasn’t Transferred To Kentucky Facility

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton Willingham has now moved out of the Ohio Rehab Facility and is back in Kentucky. Sources reveal that Tammy is upset that her husband, Caleb Willingham, has not done the same.

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Willingham Wants Caleb Willingham To Move To Kentucky

1000 Lb. Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy doesn’t believe her husband is putting in much effort when it comes to moving to Kentucky to be with her. Caleb and Tammy married in November 2022 so he has had ample time to make these arrangements. Tammy also does not have transportation to travel back and forth to see him since it is an eight-hour drive.

A source revealed that Tammy is sad that her husband isn’t with her. Tammy doesn’t feel like the transfer is being handled with urgency at all. On top of this, the source also revealed that Tammy wants Caleb there to help her now that Amy Halterman and her sons, Gage Halterman and Glenn Halterman have moved in with her. Tammy says she feels single again.

1000 Lb. Sisters

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton And Caleb Willingham’s Whirlwind Romance

Tammy and Caleb met in the Ohio rehab facility that she moved into to lose weight for her surgery. Tammy needed to get down to 550 lbs before Dr. Smith would do her surgery. It seems that Caleb came there after Tammy’s first stay in the facility. Caleb stated that Tammy brought him there and explained that he learned about the place on Tammy’s social media.

Tammy and Caleb a few weeks before Caleb proposed and they got married in November. However, Tammy’s family certainly had doubts about their relationship. Some family members even believed that Caleb was using Tammy like so many other men have in the past. In the upcoming episode, Tammy’s family travel to Ohio to meet Caleb in person.

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Trouble In Paradise

According to The US Sun, Caleb was supposed to contact his insurance about a transfer to another facility but he hasn’t even reached out to them yet. Fans can see how this could be very frustrating for Tammy who has even talked about wanting to have children when she gets done with her weight loss journey. Tammy and Caleb previously talked about wanting a couple of kids.

Will Tammy and Caleb be able to work things out and reunite soon? Tammy’s family may begin to feel like they were right in thinking Caleb was using Tammy since he hasn’t made any effort to move to be with her. More importantly, family and fans alike hope that this does not cause Tammy to give up on her weight loss journey since she has made such great progress so far.

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