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1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Can Actually Walk – Does She Love Being Obese?

1000-Lb Sisters1000-Lb Sisters fans heard that Season 4 returns to TLC, but there are some rumors around that Tammy Slaton might not feature in it. Although the word on social media is that she lost a lot of weight in rehab, fans wonder if that’s really true. After all, in a revisited scene from Season 3, it sounded as if Tammy just loves being obese. Additionally, she seems very uncooperative about trying to help herself. Fans discussed it when she was seen walking alongside her nurse, Tisa.

1000-Lb Sisters – Star Tammy Enjoys Being Obese?

Season 3 of the show shocked fans who saw Tammy quit breathing due to her massive size. Actually, she was unable to expel all of the bad gasses from her lungs because of her size. So, she ended up in the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning. These days, fans see that she needs a trach to help her breathe. Recall, she started drinking and vaping and eating a lot after she broke up with her last boyfriend. So, fans wondered if she was really serious about losing weight.

1000-Lb Sisters fans heard a rumor that although Tammy opted for a special rehab program, she might not appear in Season 4. The reason for the rumor came after social media spread the story that her brother Chris suggested she becomes a ward of the state. Of course, if that happens, she’s not likely to film for TLC. While folks are quite certain the show returns, they also heard that Tammy said in March, that they have not yet started filming. Actually, it seems that Tammy loves being obese and soaks up her TV popularity. Does it pay her to lose weight?

1000-Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton Can Walk But Won’t

In Episode 5 of Season 3, fans saw that Tammy was so large, that the wheel of her wheelchair was breaking. It came when they went to do a meet and greet at the local fair. Well, whilst the people lined up, Tammy felt unsure of her reception. But, people were kind to her at the meet-up.

She told the camera that she was “nothing” at school.  However, now that she’s on the TV, she really loves it that people come along just to see her. So, unfortunately, it seems that she loves the idea of being so large. Without obesity, what does she have to stay in the limelight?

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Can Actually Walk - Does She Love Love Being Obese
TLC UK / YouTube

In another segment of the episode,1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that Tisa, the nurse took Tammy swimming. Well, she outright refused to walk and demanded that Tisa push her in the wheelchair. Tisa grew angry as she knew Tammy could walk, but just wouldn’t. Finally, Tammy walked a short distance to the car and Tisa told her off. In response, Amy’s sister complained that the nurse was hired to “push” her around. Actually, fans thought she was hired to help Tammy exercise and eat properly.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tisa Disappeared From The Show

1000-Lb Sisters fans noticed that as the season went by, Tisa disappeared. Either Tammy fired her, or she had enough and walked away. After all, she seemed to be in an uphill fight to get Tammy to help herself. Because Tammy actually could walk at the time, fans think she made no effort for a reason. Is it because she fears that losing weight might mean that she slips back into obscurity? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Guest says

    I seems to me that this article was correct. Tammy has no interest in losing weight, and she is rude and mean to Amy and Chris when they try to help her. I would prefer the show without her, or perhaps just have Tammy make a guest appearance. I doubt she could be civil for even that. Just my opinion…

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