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1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Breaks Silence Getting Cozy With A Man – And It’s Not Her Husband!

1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates tease that Tammy Slaton broke her silence on Instagram and her fans couldn’t be happier. 1000-lb Sisters’ fans will recall that Tammy has had a really tough go over it with her health problems and trying very hard to reach her goal weight so she can have weight loss surgery. Tammy has been pretty closed mouthed online since last spring, so it was quite the surprise to see her back and smiling, but not with her husband, Caleb Willlingham, with another man!

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton ’s Grueling Journey

Tammy recently revealed that she has always struggled with her weight, in fact as early as two years old when her mother would buy adult clothing to fit her. Her struggles were real and went through adulthood, causing her to fall into deep bouts of depression.

When Tammy reached her highest weight, 717 pounds, she returned to rehab and finally began the journey that might have just saved her live. During her time at rehab, Tammy married Caleb Willingham, a man she met while being there. In some photos that were released of the two, Tammy looked very happy.

1000-lb Sisters

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton Is Back And Better Than Ever!

After a very long absence on Instagram Tammy returned with a man, but not hubby Caleb. In a video clip and photo, Tammy looked very happy and cozy with Joshua Douglas. Josh was the one who shared the photo and tagged Tammy with a Valentine heart emoji and said that Tammy is the “hottest girl in the world,” and he loves her!

This is not the first time that Josh has been linked to Tammy and it would appear that they are just very good friends. In the photos, Tammy looks amazing. It is really clear that she has lost a significant amount of weight and it was so nice to see her smiling, looking very happy. Her forehead and neck look smaller, but fans did notice that she still needed assistance with breathing. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before she breathes on her own again.

Tammy has been trying to keep her transformation under wraps because of her contract with TLC, so it was really nice to see how well she is doing. She did remain active on TikTok, but those videos are mostly filtered, unlike the one she did with Josh.

What do you think of Tammy’s transformation?

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