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American Idol New Rules Flips Competition Upside Down

According to the American Idol spoilers, a new rule flipped the music competition upside down. Season 22 premiered on Sunday, February 18 on ABC. Host Ryan Seacrest returned along with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

This is Katy’s last season as a judge. She served on the show for seven seasons. Fans were in for another shock during the premiere. A new rule changed the direction of the show. Keep on reading to learn more.

American Idol Spoilers: New Rules Changes Show

According to the American Idol spoilers, a new role changed the course of the show forever. The singing competition has to adhere to a strict set of rules to ensure that the contestants get a fair shot at music stardom.

The producers had rules in place for the eligibility, obligations, and responsibilities of the contestants.

American Idol New Rules Flips Competition Upside Down
Disney/Art Streiber

These are non-negotiables that the contestants must follow. For instance, the show has a strict age timeline. Contestants can’t be older than 29 years old and can’t be younger than 15 years old.

The age limit changed when the American Idol Experience arrived at Hollywood Studios in 2007. The attraction gave hopefuls an immediate front-of-the-line experience in Hollywood.

Those who are under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or legal guardian with them at the audition. They have to sign a document to appear on the television show.

Contestants must also be from America. No backing vocalists, instrumentalists, or group acts are allowed in the audition room.

These rules seem fair enough. For this reason, they will stay intact. However, there is one new rule that turned the show on its head. American Idol already fans know about the golden ticket, but they’re learning about the new platinum ticket.

What Is The Platinum Ticket?

The American Idol spoilers reveal that the show has been handing out golden tickets since its inception. The golden ticket allows contestants to perform during Hollywood Week.

The show changed course when it introduced the platinum ticket, which holds more power.

However, platinum tickets are not as freely available as golden tickets. The show can limit how many platinum tickets it wants to give away. This limit is set to three platinum tickets per season.

Odell Bunton received the first one on the premiere of American Idol Season 22.

There are two platinum tickets left in the season. It’s unclear who will receive them. What are your thoughts on this new rule? Do you think the platinum ticket has an advantage? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Joe G says

    Platinum ticket started in season 20, nothing new about it.

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