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American Idol Spoilers: Lionel Richie Gets Rid Of Katy Perry’s Annoying Visitor Live

American Idol spoilers and updates tease that American Idol is full into its 21st season with the top 12 already being announced; We Ani, Warren Paey, Haven Madison, Tyson Venegas, Colin Stough, MaryBeth Byrd, Iam Tongi, Oliver Steele, Lucy Love, Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle and Nutsa. The unwelcome visitor was so annoying that host, Ryan Seacrest was running around the stage with a broom, trying to get rid of it.

American Idol Spoilers – Luke Bryant Fails

The whole annoying situation started backstage before the show started when Katy Perry enlisted Luke Bryan’s help, but she was unsuccessful, “that dang America Idol flies, I didn’t want to kill it so had look try and he didn’t swat it hard enough.”

The American Idol fly caused a hilarious moment on the top 12 reveal show. Not only did the fly buzz around Katy’s cup, “It’s the American Idol fly,” but it also made its way to Lionel and Idol fans could hear Luke yelling, “Get it, Lionel! Get it!” with Lionel trying to grab it with his hands.

Lionel Richie

The pesky little unwelcomed guest made it to the stage when Iam Tongi was performing a rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Stuck On You,” and he swatted it away without causing any glitch in his perfectly delivered performance. This is when host Ryan Secrest grabbed a broom and finally laid the unwelcome visitor to rest.

On social media, Idol fans made jokes about there being an additional guest judge on the show, and it was a welcome lighthearted part of a tough night with eight Idol hopefuls being sent home.

American Idol Updates – What’s Next For American Idol

It will be interesting to see if top 12’s Lucy Love makes it much further since Idol fans are reeling that she made it that far. What they don’t like is that she comes off as aggressive and angry. Yet, regardless of how they feel, there is no doubt that Lucy can belt it out like the best of them.

There has been a lot of buzz about Nutsa being a judges favorite and possibly pulling off a win this year and fans are not happy about it because she has won X Factor in her country, the Republic of Georgia, and they think other, less “seasoned” performers should win the title of American Idol instead of her.

Aside from that, she has dropped several singles over the last three years, and she was a contestant on the Turkish version of The Voice. Nutsa essential is a seasoned reality singing competition contestant.

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