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Below Deck Down Under Spoilers: Season 2 Features ‘Cesspool Of Desire’

Below Deck Down Underspoilers promise that season two will show a crew who manage to take time for hook-ups amid delivering five-star service to the yacht’s guests. And two fan favorites will return: Captain Jason Chambers and chief stew Aesha Scott. But Aesha teased plenty of drama happening with a new crew.

Find out what to expect from Below Deck Down Under season two. And learn about what Scott dubbed a “love pentagon.” Get all the details below.

Below Deck Spoilers – Aesha Changes Her Leadership Style

For chief stew Aesha Scott, the best part of Below Deck Down Under involves sitting back and watching the rest of the crew indulge in everything from hookups to breakups. And she admitted to TV Insider, “I loved it because I’ve taken a step back now. I have my wonderful partner, so I can just sit with my popcorn and watch it unfold. The viewers will absolutely love it.”

Below Deck Down Under Spoilers: Season 2 Features 'Cesspool Of Desire'

Scott also appreciates Below Deck Down Under Captain Jason Chambers, with whom she worked during the first season. But the two must get to know a completely new crew that includes Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Bosun Luke Jones, Deckhands Adam Kodra and Harry Van Vilet, and Stews Laura Bileskaine and Margot Sisson. “I think the biggest difference this season was it was a more fun, casual vibe. Obviously, it’s a super yacht,” pointed out Aesha. “And people are paying big money, so we are always going to be delivering five-star service. We’re down in the islands. I think it’s so nice because they come on, go diving in the Great Barrier Reef and everything.”

However, the chief stew also shared that this season, she changed her “leadership style.” And viewers will see that in her relationship with Chef Tzarina. “The chief stew and chef need to have a discussion. Tzarina was someone I was able to have a professional work environment and discussions. We share a cabin together, which I don’t do lightly. Chefs and chief stews don’t necessarily have the best relationship. But I will tell you every single night, she turned my bed down and put my pajamas out. I would come to bed, and my heart would melt,” admitted Scott.

Below Deck Spoilers – Prepare For A ‘Love Pentagon’

Scott also shared that her stews provided her with a good blend of experience and “common sense.” For instance, Laura previously worked as a chief stew. As a result, she proved “very capable,” noted Aesha. And Margot benefited the boat with her “common sense. She didn’t have the experience,” added Scott. “But she took direction really well. She really wanted to prove herself and show she was a valuable member of the team.”

And a change on the boat also benefits the crew. “Jason lovingly turned the spa area into a giant storeroom for me,” gushed the chief stew about the Captain. Before, Aesha felt troubled with “s*** everywhere.” But the storeroom helped by reducing “the options” of where to stow items. “I loved the simplicity of it,” she added. 

And Aesha also enjoyed watching what she called a “love pentagon. Laura wants Luke, who wants Margot, who wants Luke and Harry, and then Adam,” added Scott. “It’s just this cesspool of desire. But we have a really horny crew this year. Everyone wants to get with everyone. The nights go by, and then it’s like this person wants to get with this person. It is this interchanging pentagon.” Below Deck Down Under season 2 debuts July 17, 8/7c, on Bravo.

Tell us what you think. Do you look forward to watching the so-called “love pentagon” on this season of Below Deck Down Under? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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