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Chase Celebrates Breakthrough In Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Case

Chase celebrated a breakthrough in Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s case. He took to Instagram to share an update with his followers. Yet, fans still think their kids are being delusional about everything that’s unfolding. Keep on reading to learn more.

Chase Chrisley Celebrates Breakthrough Moment

Last week, Chase Chrisley took to his Instagram Stories to share a major breakthrough. Todd and Julie Chrisley finally hired a lawyer to help them with their appeal case.

They want to appeal each charge, one by one. Chase shared a screenshot of what looked like a press release from an appeals case law firm that is taking on their case.

Chase Celebrates Breakthrough In Todd & Julie Chrisley's Case

The headline reads: “Renowned White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney Jay Surgent Joins the Criminal Defense Team Representing Reality Stars, Todd and Julie Chrisley.”

Chase Chrisley added two of the hands-up emojis. The post included a photo of their attorney along with a lengthy description of his law firm and practice. Chase feels that this was a pivotal moment in his parents’ life. Their kids are still hoping that they can appeal the case so they can get out of jail earlier.

Todd & Julie Chrisley Could Appeal Case?

A fan took to Reddit to share Chase Chrisley’s Instagram Story. Some wondered how the kids are paying for the lawyers since the family doesn’t have any income. Others asked why it took them so long to get a lawyer for their appeal case.

“How are they affording to pay these attorneys?” one fan asked. “I was just about to ask the same question,” another fan noted. “They didn’t pay the last ones, so I’m guessing on contingency and not a retainer,” a third user responded.

Some blamed the kids for doing anything for publicity. They slammed Chase Chrisley for sharing his parents’ case on his Instagram account.

Other fans said it’s a waste of time and money for everyone involved since the Federal government doesn’t appeal cases they know people can’t win. The Chrisleys still think they have a fight in this lengthy legal battle.

This also brought up a hot debate on Reddit. Some fans think they were over-sentenced. Another mentioned they hope the Chrisleys win so they could just pay back the money.

Some argued they paid for the crimes, so they must do the time. They should’ve accepted a plea deal so they would’ve been out of jail in less time.

What are your thoughts on Chase Chrisley celebrating this breakthrough in Todd and Julie’s case? Do you think it will work to their advantage? Do you think they were given too much prison time? Sound off below in the comment section. 


  1. Nancy says

    Yes too much time heck people that comment murder less time

  2. Linda Walker says

    Let me ask everyone something.Wouldnt U do everything in ur power to help ur parents that raised U .And do everthing possible to help get ur parents out.I know I would.Whether they guilty are no we dont know that.Truly,the only person that knows this is the man up above.So give it a rest everyone.U wasn t raised by them They were and they miss and love them.So yeah he is doing what he thinks will help.Chase U do whatever it takes to get them out.Dont listen to other people they got nothing better to do.I enjoyed watching U all grow up on Tv.Seems like u were all a Happy family.And no matter if they are guty are not.They are still ur parents And I know U love and miss them.So U do whatever U think is best.And good luck.And stay safe.And God be with U all on ur journey to getting Ur parents Home.

  3. Jesse says

    Chase, I’m praying for you and your family. Don’t worry about the haters, those haters are miserable individuals.
    You have a lot of people who are feeling your pain. Like myself and many others, we all love you and we are all praying for you.

  4. Carol says

    People have done far worse crimes & Did not go to jail ! I think they have learned a lesson let them go they did not kill anyone! They hurt themselves There family needs them home now I pray for Todd & Julie to be released sooner than later.

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