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Below Deck Med: Did Natalya Scudder Get Fired Or Resign?!

Below Deck Med spoilers reveal a shocker involving the departure of a fan fave. But does stew Natalya Scudder depart because of a resignation or a firing?

Find out the reason for the Below Deck stew’s exit. And keep reading to learn which Below Deck Med crew member gets a warning from Captain Sandy Yawn!

Below Deck Spoilers – Natalya Scudder Departs!

Season eight of Below Deck Med has already included enough dramatic ups and downs for stew Natalya Scudder to make viewers slightly seasick. And now spoilers via E News reveal Scudder departing the yacht.

Below Deck Med: Did Natalya Scudder Get Fired Or Resign?!

But did Natalya quit on her own? Or did Captain Sandy Yawn fire her? Spoilers reveal Scudder giving Captain Sandy her resignation. And it happens after yet another fight with stew Kyle Viljoen.

But in the wake of the battle, Natalya reveals, “I just feel like Kyle’s extremely fake.” And she calls it “disappointing.” Because Scudder viewed their relationship as “good friends,” she felt heartbroken over their feud.

Below Deck Spoilers – A Romance Goes Overboard!

But Natalya also reacted to Kyle indulging in some rude name-calling. And she revealed, “I don’t want to be in a team where I don’t feel valued and I don’t feel appreciated and I feel like s–t.”

However, Scudder did face other reasons for wanting to depart. For instance, her romance with bosun Luka Brunton flopped. And the combination of problems in her relationship with a boyfriend back at home and clashes with chief stew Tumi Mhlongo took a toll.

“I don’t like giving up,” noted Natalya. “But it’s been such a s–t season for me. I came on already confused as f–k about my relationship, then I have to deal with the Tumi-nator, the confusion of feelings for Luka, then I have to deal with vile Kyle. I’m just ready to throw in the napkin at this point.”

However, Kyle did finally apologize. But it felt like too little too late. And Natalya revealed, “I will never recover from anything with Kyle. I’ll accept his apology and say thank you for coming, but even that was fake. I think his true colors have really shown and I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Below Deck Spoilers – Natalya Scudder Resigns

And so Natalya gave her resignation to Captain Sandy Yawn. “Besides the personal stuff going on at home, there’s also been stuff going on within the interior,” she revealed. “Kyle and Max [Salvador] were having a bit of a fight in front of everyone. Max was trying to say like, ‘I support your community, Kyle,’ but Kyle, I think, was intoxicated.”

And Scudder revealed that she attempted to calm Kyle. But he then verbally attacked her. And Captain Sandy reacted to the bullying.

However, before her exit, Natalya did show her emotions. And Captain Sandy understood, reassuring her and praising her skills. But after the two hugged in an emotional departure, Kyle faced a challenge. 

And Captain Sandy warned Kyle about his bullying. As a result of what she observed and heard, the captain pointed out, “Every situation that’s happened on this boat, guess who’s the common denominator? Your screaming match with Max, your screaming match with Jess [Asai] and your screaming match with Natalya.”

And Sandy cautioned Kyle that he seems to stand out as “the person that’s always in the screaming matches. You want to be chief stew, I would never bring you back as a chief, ever. You know why? Because you can’t even control your emotions. This is a professional setting, you understand? Your bullying, your screaming. I don’t want a person like you on board.”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Natalya made the right choice in leaving? And how do you feel about Kyle? After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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