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Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Allegedly Has A Wild Theory On Josh

Counting OnCounting On alum  Jim Bob Duggar has a large following in his church and allegedly, he tells his friends a very strange theory about Josh  At the moment, TLC fans know that Josh Duggar is in prison after being convicted for CSAM offenses. So  what is Jim Bob’s thought about it? Read  on to find out. 

Counting On – Jim Bob Duggar

It’s no secret that Michelle and her husband hope that Josh Duggar gets out of prison really fast. Actually, Michelle penned her letter to the judge begging for leniency. Meanwhile, Anna, Josh’s wife also did the same thing. Although Anna no longer runs her social media account, TLC fans are aware that she believes he’s completely innocent. In fact, he apparently told her that he is confident that he will be released after his appeal. 

Counting On fans are also well aware that Jim Bob has political aspirations. Mind you, nobody’s sure what possessed his mind when he ran for office in Arkansas State Senate District 7. After all, it came right in the middle of the news about his son’s CSAM-related legal process. Well  it seems that his theory has political roots. 

Counting On  – Josh Duggar Theory 

On October 19, Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball dropped a theory that seems pretty wild to TLC followers. Possibly, you recall that during the trial, Josh’s legal team kept on pushing the fact that someone else might have downloaded the offensive content. Well, according to Katie Joy, it’s been alleged that Jim Bob belives the democrats are behind it. 

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Allegedly Has A Wild Theory On Josh
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

According to Katie, Counting On alum  Jim Bob Duggar “was running around saying that the fake media was going after the Duggars because they are a highly respected Christian family.” Not stopping there, the allegations are that “the fake media along with the ‘liberal dems’ had to find a way to take down the Duggars. Thus Josh Duggar was set up by the government and fake media.”

Counting On – TLC Fans React

Counting On fans don’t by the theory that  Jim Bob Duggar allegedly espouses.

One of them commented, “They can push this narrative all they want for as long as they want. But the fact is Josh is going to spend the next 10 yrs in prison. Case closed!.”

Meanwhile a churchgoer said, “I have sat in some ultra conservative churches and had them use The Duggars as examples of what not to do🤷🏼‍♀️ they are respected in their little sect…”

This comment dissed the wild theory: “They are not that important for any political party to go after them. 

What do you think? Have your say in the comments below. 

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