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Counting On Rumors: Is Anna Duggar Thinking About Divorcing Josh?

Counting OnCounting On rumors emerged that Anna Duggar might be having a rethink about sticking with Josh. Does this mean that she might be considering a divorce? Or, is she just finally accepting that her man has gone to prison for a long time, and long, lonely years loom ahead? Read on to find out what TLC fans think.

Counting On – Rumors About Anna Duggar & Josh

With Josh away in prison until at least 2032, TLC fans wonder if he’ll get to be a dad to his seven kids again. After all, by the time he gets out of prison, Mackynzie Renée and Michael James will both be adults. However, he might be able to spend some time with the younger kids. Notably, that might not even happen. If you don’t know, part of his post-prison sentence includes not being with children unless he’s supervised. And by the time that period ends, even his youngest child will be grown up. 

If it has fully sunk in that the Counting On alum will never have a normal family life again with her husband, is that why she retreats from social media? Social media can be a toxic place, and probably, Anna needed the time to just think things through. In fact, coming to terms with separation from a loved one can be devastating. And in the case of Anna, she probably still needs to accept that maybe Josh did commit the crime. 

Counting On – Rumors Include Divorce?

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball posted up that “Anna Duggar is reportedly walking up to the idea of divorcing Josh.” But, the story didn’t originate with her. On her YouTube channel, she said that InTouch Weekly had carried a story about Anna. However, the article by that outlet didn’t actually mention the word “divorce.”  The news came via sources, so that makes it a rumor rather than a fact that she’s “not sure if there is a future with Josh.”

Counting On Rumors Is Anna Duggar Thinking About Divorcing Josh
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram Stories

Counting On fans read that one source said, “As far as I know she still communicates with Josh, but in her heart, all she has left is her children and her faith.” Additionally, it finally sinks in that Josh won’t “be part of her life in the years to come.” While the magazine didn’t talk about divorce, Katie Joy speculated about one happening. 

Counting On – What Do TLC Fans Think?

Some Counting On fans who follow Without A Crystal Ball came to their own conclusions about a divorce happening. S Darby commented on YouTube, “I doubt she will leave. There’s really nothing in this article but speculation. What does the source mean she’s “trying not to get her hopes up?” Hopes for what? It sounds like she still wants him to come home, not leave him. People can surprise you, but I just can’t imagine Anna leaving.”

Like-minded follower Christina opined, “I doubt she’d actually divorce him. I think she’s looking at how to do this to live apart until the supervision order is over.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Anna might get a divorce? Or is she just coming to terms with the long separation? Sound off in the comments below. 

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