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Julie Chrisley’s Fears In Prison Revealed By Daughter Savannah

While Julie Chrisley is not disposed to complain of prison life as her husband Todd, it still doesn’t mean that she’s had it the easy way.

In the latest round of letters that Savannah read to fans on her Unlocked podcast, the 51-year-old recalled feeling a fear so deep, she thought she wouldn’t be able to handle it without her husband Todd, who unfortunately is also serving his own prison sentence at another facility.

Julie Chrisley – Details Prison Test That Left Her So Shaken She “Fell Apart”

Julie Chrisley is a breast cancer survivor, and you can imagine how scared she would be to receive a diagnosis that may mean that her cancer is coming back.

On Tuesday’s episode of her podcast, Savannah read aloud letters she received from her mom to fans. After getting fans acquainted with the idea that her mom could well get an early release due to the prison courses she’s so readily taking, she also revealed something of a darker nature.

Julie Chrisley's Fears In Prison Revealed By Daughter Savannah: “I Fell Apart”

Dated February 2, 2023 – just under a month after she and her husband reported to prison in January of that same year – Julie recalled being called in to see the prison doctor.

“I walked in thinking it was Gynecology. I sat down with the doctor and she proceeds to tell me that my HCG level was high — 10.2. This is a pregnancy hormone. It should not be that high. If it were a little higher, I would test positive on a pregnancy test. Since that’s not a possibility, it could be a sign of a tumor,” Julie shared.

“I literally fell apart,” she wrote. “How can this be happening? I’m going to have blood work redone and get a scan. I’ve not told anyone and I’m not going to until I know what’s going on. I’m so scared. I just want my husband [Todd Chrisley]. I don’t know if I can do this without him.”

Julie is yet serving her reduced five-year prison sentence in Lexington, Kentucky while her husband Todd, 54, is also serving a reduced 10-year sentence in Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida for their financial crimes.

Savannah Chrisley – Accuses US Prisons of Lacking “Educated Doctors” And Proper Health Care

Speaking on the letter and how it made her feel, Savannah said, “This right here is a perfect example of the lack of health care that you receive in the system and how they’re not the most educated doctors that work for the BOP.”

She went on to accuse them of not caring, saying, “They tell your family absolutely nothing. I wasn’t notified of any of this.”

She added: “They don’t care. If my mom were to go to the hospital I would not know. And to think of her sitting there worrying about, ‘Oh, my God. My cancer may be back…’ ”

In 2012, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She also underwent a hysterectomy in 2013 before later sharing she was in remission.

Ten years later in 2022, she happily revealed that her doctor had declared she no longer needed to take tamoxifen, a cancer treatment that helps prevent recurrence.

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