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Kody Brown Blames Broken Relationships With Kids On Robyn

Kody Brown finally blamed Robyn for his broken relationship with his kids. Sister Wives fans noticed a time when he admitted to this failure. Kody’s relationship with his kids has received further scrutiny amid the tragic death of Garrison Brown. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Admits It’s Robyn Brown’s Fault

On Season 18 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown admitted that his strained relationships with his children are Robyn Brown’s fault. Fans were thrilled to see this moment come out. Most of his kids established boundaries around Robyn. They have no desire to interact with her.

Kody’s statement seemingly redeemed Janelle and Christine Brown, claims an original poster on Reddit. He admitted that he chose his marriage to Robyn over his relationship with his kids.

Kody Brown Blames Broken Relationships With Kids On Robyn

Sister Wives took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most of them noted that Kody has to be aware of how he comes across on the TLC show.

“They have to be online and they have to know how the public perceives them. Instead of going on some happy PR tour or using his ‘producer friend’ to give them a good edit, Kody comes on tv and says that. I groaned when he said ‘Me and Robyn are like this…’ When he first hooked up with Robyn they were in the honeymoon phase. Now it’s the ‘us against the world’ phase. These two make me sick,” one fan noted.

“Nothing about the way he handles the feud with the boys has anything to do with him actually mending the relationship. Nothing,” another fan noted.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did Robyn Brown Ruin Kody Brown’s Relationship With His Kids?

This was previously brought up in February. It’s been wondered whether Robyn tried to ruin what kind of relationship Kody Brown had with his kids.

It started at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when he stayed at Robyn’s house. Kody dictated his kids’ whereabouts and kept them at a distance.

It’s possible that Robyn had a say in this. After the first wave of the pandemic subsided, Kody and Robyn relaxed. He still had a guideline for his kids and yet ignored them for his own needs.

Kody was hard on Garrison Brown and Gabe Brown. Robyn dis-invited his sons from their family Christmas party. She then admitted she wanted Kody to repair his broken relationship with his kids.

However, Sister Wives fans feel that she was the one who single-handedly caused the rift to happen.

What are your thoughts on Kody Brown blaming Robyn for his strained relationships with his kids? Do you agree? Does it surprise you that he’s admitting to his faults? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Kim says

    Kody should blame HIMSELF!!! He’s a grown ass man & it’s a disgrace to blame Robin. Now he’s lost his son forever. Reality TV has ruined this family sadly. In a few short years dissipated. Hope he seriously works on his relationships with the kids going forward. It’s painful to watch at this point.

    1. Danielle says

      Body allowed thus to happen. Both are at fault. His PANTS was got in between his brains!
      Allowing a fourth wife was a bad feeling from the beginning!

    2. LinSis says

      agree 100%

  2. Ange says

    He is one absolutely narcissistic vile gaslighter !
    They’re BOTH to blame, Kody is a weak pathetic coward, who NEVER holds himself accountable for anything, HE’S always the victim, HE’S never to blame.
    And NOW he’s blaming his number one wife , the one HE chose !
    They both disgust me .

    1. Tulip says

      What a self centered narcissistic oh poor, poor me! He is most definitely 100% to blame. He had a choice and he cast his children out in favor of his own wants and needs. This is on him and him alone. He is a weakling and a coward. Robyn is what she is and got what she wanted and now she can have this shallow self righteous #&#% no good for nothing!!!

  3. Izzy says

    What kind of person would wanna share their spouse?

  4. Me says

    Sounds like kody not responsible again for his own actions nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do

  5. Renee says

    Kody and Robyn both have to live in the prisons of their own minds now forever.

  6. S Cooper says

    Typical narcissist, always someone else to blame! If he chose Robyn over her kids then it’s still his choices and his fault. She may have had his ear but then that makes him a very weak man if he can’t make his own choices and now he needs to take accountability for them.

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  8. Dot Gwynne says

    Right from the start I knew she would be trouble. I blame her for everything that happened in all the marriages. I hate the way she has this awful habit of shedding crocodile tears all the time. She got what she wanted and that was Kody and her kids only.

    1. Deanna says

      You got me with the crocodile tears I never once saw a tear in that woman’s eyes note she did wipe them a lot I call fake for sure . You can see from the beginning when she entered that family there was trouble ahead and the wives knew in their gut she plays the poor me card that’s for sure .

  9. Stephanie says

    This man still can’t get it right, now he is needing a reason to why he did NOT want to spend time with his kids. If he has not been getting it. Then he is not going to get it now, or ever. Admitting is the first step….than BAM! You are in stage one. He won’t get there…hand shake on that!!!!

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