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Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Reveals A New Book

Little People Big World fans know that Amy Roloff wrote a book titled A Little Me. Mostly that explained her feelings about being married and then divorced from Matt. If you don’t know, she also wrote some cookbooks. Ahead of the weekend, she revealed to her TLC fans that she’s got another book on the go.

Little People Big World – Amy Roloff Loves Her ‘Little Kitchen’

Most people who follow the TLC star know that she loves cooking, and her Little Kitchen business sells all sorts of yummy treats. Often seasonal, fans get quite excited about it. Additionally, she shares videos of herself cooking, sometimes with the grandkids present. Well, if you were wondering, her latest book is another cookbook. 

Little People Big World fans know that Amy Roloff keeps herself very busy. She is always doing something, but she always takes the time to spend time with her family. One has to wonder, when they all gather together, if she slaves away in the kitchen, or orders outside catering. Possibly she does a little bit of both. However, she seems to know a lot about cooking, and sometimes Chris joins her as she talks about new recipes. 

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Reveals A New Book

Little People Big World – Amy Roloff Launches Her Cookbook

On Friday, September 1, the wife of Chris Marek took to her Instagram and revealed the title, description, and more. Her photo revealed that it’s called Eat, Love, Gather. She also shared:

Hi to you all. Thank you for being the amazing fans, followers, and supporters of Amy Roloff’s little Kitchen. We’ve got some delicious news coming your way that’ll make your taste buds tingle with anticipation.

Your wonderful host Amy Roloff is about to grace our kitchens once again, but this time with a sweet twist. She’s all set to release her brand-new cookbook. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the deliciousness she’s about to serve up.

Little People Big World Amy Roloff Reveals A New Book
Amy Roloff /Instagram

Little People Big World fans also found out that they can take part in helping to select the best cover for the book. Here is how you can take part: Go onto “YouTube or Facebook” and you should find a poll. There are “three” possible covers fans can choose from. You just need to drop a comment on the one you like most. 

TLC – Fans React

The Little People Big World star shared all three possible covers in the post, so people could vote then and there. Certainly, people seemed to like Book A, and many people voted for it. Others didn’t vote but they wrote their ideas down. 

One follower suggested,  “…Rearrange the title to say Gather Eat Love. Typically people gather first then eat and love. It would make more sense. Hope that helps!❤️”

Another fan said, “Congratulations! Such a huge accomplishment ❤️.”

What do you think of Amy writing another cookbook full of recipes? Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking Celebrating The Soaps for more Amy Roloff news and updates.

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