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Little People, Big World Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Gunning For HGTV Series?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are no longer on the TLC series, Little People, Big World. However, fans think they’re gunning for another reality show. The couple might be using their home project to score a HGTV show of their own. Keep on reading to learn more.

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff’s – Renovation Problems

In a new series of Instagram Stories, Audrey Roloff shared an update on their ongoing home renovations. They’ve been hit with more setbacks than progress.

This past weekend, a snowstorm struck their farmhouse. She shared a clip of Jeremy holding up the awning on their deck as the snow fell.

Little People, Big World Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Gunning For HGTV Series?

She wrote: “Countertops going in today and it’s a snowstorm here.” She also panned the camera around so her followers could see the snowfall on their farm. Audrey was annoyed by this new stress in their life. This could halt the plans for their dream home even more.

“Welcome to March in Oregon, where you are eating breakfast outside with your feet in the grass one morning and sledding the next,” Audrey Roloff captioned another Instagram Story.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss her latest post. Most of them slammed the couple for their poor planning before the snowstorm. The LBPW stars would’ve heard about the snowstorm if they listened to the local news.

“Awning shouldn’t be rolled out in the winter. Wind and snow will ruin it,” one fan noted.

“We roll our awning in every fall. Heavy rain or wet snow will destroy those things. I think it’s pretty common knowledge,” another fan wrote.

LBPW Spoilers – Stars Want HGTV Series?

Meanwhile, other LBPW fans have a feeling that the reality stars want to have their own HGTV series.

It could be the reason why Audrey Roloff has shared so much about their renovation process on social media. She might want to do a renovation series like Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska DeBoer.

Other fans think they want a show similar to Joanna and Chip Gaines. This was brought up in another Reddit thread. The OP floated around the idea, which the fans discussed.

“I definitely think they are fishing for something, sponsors or a show absolutely. As far as I understand (thanks Bethany) reality TV pays zero residuals,” one fan responded.

“Guaranteed if they were offered their own show following their family life on their terms they would be all over it. Audrey never passes up the spotlight when it fits her narrative. We all know that for a fact,” another fan wrote.

What are your thoughts on Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s renovation problems? Do you think they’re trying to score their own series with this poorly planned project? Sound off below in the comment section.

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