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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Jeremy Roloff Seen By Fans As Struggling

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans have started to grow a little concerned about Jeremy Roloff these days. Recently, his wife Audrey Roloff went on a ladies’ ski trip without him. She left him at home to watch all three of their young children. As soon as she returned, she made sure to thank Jeremy for helping her out in order for her to go on this trip. In the Story, there were also pictures of Jeremy and how he was able to take care of the kids and do his daily activities as well. Some fans were shocked to see how he did and this made them think that he was struggling.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – The Instagram Stories

In one of Audrey’s photos, Jeremy is seen holding two pieces of paper. They are scheduled for the kids. They begin in the morning and were labeled breakfast, then lunch was labeled, dinner, etc. The times were so well mapped out, but there was a lot of red ink marking out some things on the schedules. It basically looked like Audrey had given him a schedule to follow as if he couldn’t figure out how to do these things on his own.

Audrey made sure to praise him for getting all of these things on the list done while she was gone. Of course, the picture seemed to show another side of Jeremy and that is when many of his fans began to worry about him. Is he doing alright? Is he struggling in life right now?

Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Why Fans Are Concerned

It didn’t take long for fans to point out that Jeremy seemed a little unsure and sad in these photos. One fan wrote, “The whole ‘my husband is so incompetent at caring for our kids without me’ thing is so cringe. Pretty sure he can figure out that you need to feed, entertain, and bathe your kids without this ridiculous Crayola project.” Another wrote, “I agree… Jeremy is an adult and more than capable of caring for his children alone. I also find sharing this photo on social media to be pretty degrading/infantilizing.”

A final fan wrote, “He looks like he’s holding back tears. He must be miserable. I feel like Audrey is more like a mother than a wife to this man. That’s the worst type of marriage.” Audrey has been pretty vocal about how these two may not be doing so well in their marriage. She has mentioned that she lacks an emotional connection with him and has been very open about it. What will happen with these two? Are they strong enough to make it through this?

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