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Will Zach Roloff Make Amends With Narcissist Dad Matt Before It’s Too Late

Will Zach Roloff Make Amends With Narcissist Dad Matt Before It's Too LateLittle People Big World’s future is grim, but the Roloff Family still shares updates on their social media accounts and podcasts with fans. 

If you were wondering if Zach Roloff is still feuding with his father Matt Roloff since his final appearance on LPBW, the answer is “YES!”  Zach Roloff recently updated fans on his war with Matt Roloff, and it’s not looking good.

Zach Roloff and his wife Tori announced they were done with the TLC reality TV series Little People Big World and would not be filming any more episodes for TLC. 

Nothing was the same on the show after Matt Roloff betrayed his son Zach and sold the family farm out from underneath him.  Zach and Tori struggled through another awkward season with the Roloff Family, and then threw in the towel.

The Roloff Family Farm Feud

If you watched Little People Big World over the many years, it’s no secret that Matt Roloff always discussed his kids taking over the family farm and business. 

But, when the time came to start selling off Roloff Farms, Matt says his father didn’t give him a fair chance to purchase the farm and went with another buyer.  Matt’s power move infuriated the Roloff kids, and ruined his relationship with Zach and Tori.

Zach Roloff opened up about his feud with his dad on his podcast this month, and according to him they are still at odds.  Oh, and Matt Roloff is a narcissist (sounds like we’re all on the same page now).

Zach explained about his relationship with his dad, “Oh, it’s not great. People are still in denial [they] didn’t do anything wrong.  In my mind, it’s a narcissism. So yeah, it’s not great, I don’t know… more time may heal.”

Matt’s son added, “Dust is settled but nothing has been fixed and then stuff comes out on social media and you realize people are thinking the same thing.  It’s a bummer, because I thought we were kind of evening it out a little bit.”

How Much Longer Will Matt Roloff Be Around

We watched Matt and Amy’s divorce play out for years on Little People Big World, it’s no secret that Matt is stubborn and miserable. 

Sadly, he may never make an effort to fix things with his son.  Eventually, Zach will have to take the high road and swallow his pride if he wants to see the relationship get better.

Matt Roloff isn’t exactly a young man, and has struggle with health issues over the years.  Little People Big World fans have voiced their concerns on social media that the patriarch may pass away before he an his son make amends. 

Do you think Matt and Zach will ever be on the same page again?  Do you agree with Zach Roloff?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here on Celebrating The Soaps for daily celeb news and updates.

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