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Mama June Gets Roasted For ‘Completely Ignoring’ Daughters While Praising Husband

Mama June will you not learn? This is not the first time fans are slamming Mama June for choosing her husband over her daughters. Apparently, June no longer cares for anyone else except her husband Justin Stroud.

Remember the time June came under fire for showering her husband with praises few days after losing custody of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” to Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird? This happened last year in June 2022. Now, Mama June is back at it again.

Mama June — June Praises Husband For Washing Her Hair

Mama June, 43, took to her Instagram to shower praises on her husband Justin, 34, for washing her hair. Just for washing her hair! Mind you, since losing Alana’s custody to Lauryn, June has never for one day posted as much as a ‘thank you’ to Lauryn for doing a good job raising Alana.

Mama June

In her post which almost gave us headache while reading due to lack of punctuation and unclear grammar, June explained that she has never loved the idea of washing her hair, she only washes it outside for the past 20 years until her husband recently washed it for her.

Her post which started with praising Justin reads: “I know it (is) late but I have to boost a lot about my awesome husband that is amazing and always helping me out with whatever. Well, as A LOT of y’all know I don’t wash my own hair. I hate to do (it) yes I go get washed I have for over 20 years.”

She explained that the great task of washing her hair came up again courtesy of an invitation she got, “When we got invited to (an) event at the last time and I didn’t have time to go get my hair washed so justin thanks was like it oh k baby we will get up in the am I will help wash your hair n I will do it for u and he done that exact thing.”

“We went to Walmart he brought the thing to do my hair and all it may have took us 2 and half hours to do but it was a bonding and a memory we made together and it turned out great to me and I wear it down all day and got compliments on it all day n told everyone he done it cause I was proud to say yes my husband done my hair this am.”

For this reason alone, June dished out advises to her followers, that they should make sure they keep the men who wash their hair for them, no matter the situation. “So ladies if a husband that will do things like this for u he is keeper yeah everyday may not be rainbows but u make the best of everyday n make memories and work through the bad good TOGETHER.”

“It makes u stronger at the end of the day I can promise u that this man has showed me A LOT in the last year and half but I can’t waited to c what the future holds.”

Mama June — Fans Are Not Having Any Of That From June

Just as they called June out for gushing over her husband few days after losing the custody battle, they took out time to blast her for neglecting her daughters. Someone said, “Would be nice to see June single and focus on herself and your daughters. You don’t need a man to keep you happy.”

Another observer said, “She used to be all about her kids. Kinda sad to see how she just walked away. Those girls didn’t deserve it, but love Pumpkin for stepping up.” While another said, “Girl go b with ur children post about being a great mommy to ur daughter whose in her senior yr of h.s.”

While some fans roasted her over neglect, others roasted her poor use of English. Someone said, “That was so painful to read. There are these things called periods and commas. Simple basic English writing skills.”

Another added, “Do you know what periods and commas are? This was one long run on sentence. Punctuation, June!!!!!”

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