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Nanny Faye Not Living With Lindsie, Savannah Chrisley Sets Record Straight

It was assumed that Nanny Faye was living with Lindsie Chrisley. Critics claimed that her grandkids ditched her after Todd and Julie went to jail. Now, Savannah is setting the record straight.

Kyle Chrisley’s Ex Spills Tea On Nanny Faye

Kyle Chrisley’s ex-wife Alexus “Lexi” Whillby appeared on a podcast with Dana Wilkey. She opened up about her thoughts on Nanny Faye.

Alexus revealed that what you see is what you get with Nanny. She never had any problems with her. She’s the sweetest person who will do anything for her loved ones.

Nanny Faye

However, Alexus feels that Nanny is the reason for Todd Chrisley’s problems. She noted that Nanny always defended him and protected him.

It’s the reason why he believes that he can do no wrong. Todd never had a chance to experience growth and self-awareness.

During that podcast, Alexus also talked about the Chrisley family. She suggested that the grandkids snubbed Nanny after they entered prison earlier this year.

Alexus claimed that Nanny was staying with Lindsie while Savannah was taking care of Grayson and Chloe.

Critics weren’t surprised that the grandkids snubbed Nanny. They claim her grandkids only talk to her when the cameras are on. Otherwise, they couldn’t be bothered.

Savannah caught wind of the rumors and is setting the record straight. She has addressed numerous rumors about their family in recent weeks since Todd is no longer their mouthpiece.

Savannah Chrisley – Sets The Record Straight

The former Chrisley Knows Best star took to her Instagram Stories to have a live stream. She cast more rumors aside.

Savannah shared a screenshot of a news story that alleged that Nanny’s grandkids dissed her after her parents went to prison.

Savannah added the sticker “New Lies.” She wrote in her Instagram Story: “LMAO… Nanny is still living in MY home that I pay for!! I will always take care of my nanny!”

One Chrisley critic shared a screenshot of Savannah’s Instagram Story on the Chrisley Knows Prison subreddit.

Some jokingly referred to Savannah as “Todd Chrisley Jr.” Others noted there was confusion with the house situation. Some people assumed that Nanny was living with Lindsie because they often visit Todd together.

Savannah doesn’t visit with Lindsie, she goes at a separate time. Since Lindsie has her own home, Nanny goes there a lot to help out.

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