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Price Is Right Host Drew Carey Has Surprising Claims Made About Him!

Price Is Right: Drew Carey Picks Favorites?Price is Right host Drew Carey is accused of picking favorites. Viewers noticed that the game show was fixed. This week, a contestant won an incredible trip that would allow her to see her daughter. Some fans took to social media to share their dismay.

Many believe the comedian chooses his favorite contestants. However, it’s not clear whether the host screens the players before they get picked. However, this isn’t the first time that this theory was broughten up. Keep on reading to learn more.

Price Is Right – Host Accused of Picking Favorites

On a recent episode of the Price is Right, a contestant chose bags that featured dollar signs. If she chose the correct bags, and they balanced out with the Moroccan bags, she would win a trip three.

The player named Letitia was overcome with emotion. She told host Drew Carey that she was planning a trip to Morocco to visit her daughter.

“Well then it’s meant to be, baby,” Drew told the contestant. “Good luck.”

Letitia chose the $6,000 and $4,000 bags which totaled to $10,625. Model Rachel placed the Morocco bag on each side of the scale. It moved around until it was perfectly balanced. Leticia won a trip to Morocco.

The contestant hugged Drew. He was happy for the player. He exclaimed that Letitia will finally get to see her daughter in Morocco. Letitia’s daughter lives in Spain.

This once in a lifetime trip makes it possible for the mother-and-daughter duo to see each other. Even Rachel agreed that this game was meant to be for the contestant.

Drew Carey  – Receives Backlash

Price is Right fans don’t believe it was meant to be. Some accused Drew Carey of choosing favorites.

A clip from that episode was posted on the Price is Right’s Instagram page. Angry fans took to the comment section to react.

“Sometimes, I think they just give people they like the win,” one fan wrote.

“Funny. Because I thought the same thing also,” responded another user.

This isn’t the first time that Drew Carey has been accused of favoritism. Earlier this month, fans noticed something strange about the dice game. Some claimed that it was fixed for a contestant to win. Devon rolled the dice perfectly, and won a new car.

Fans on Instagram claimed the game was rigged. They found it hard to believe that it landed on 6’s each time. What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Drew Carey picks favorites? Sound off below in the comment section.

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