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Gerry Turner Has Ladies Lining Up To Date Him Since His Divorce

Gerry Turner's Rolodex Gets Full After DivorceGerry Turner is an eligible bachelor once again. The Golden Bachelor revealed that his Rolodex is full. He’s actively dating after finalizing his divorce from Theresa Nist.

The couple called it quits after three months of marriage. At first, it seemed like a whirlwind romance for Gerry and Theresa. They had one of the cutest dates in Bachelor Nation history.

But the romance didn’t last for long. The couple couldn’t agree on where to move to. Their long-distance marriage didn’t survive for long. Gerry is already re-entering the dating world so soon after their divorce. Read on to learn more.

Golden Bachelor – Back In The Dating Pool?

TMZ caught up with Gerry Turner. They asked him how life had been going since his public divorce. Gerry and Theresa announced their divorce on Good Morning America. In his interview with TMZ, Gerry said he’s not in a hurry to date so soon after a quickie marriage and divorce.

However, his Rolodex has been filling up. Ladies are still lining up to date Gerry despite his public divorce and exposé on The Hollywood Reporter.

Some ladies are sliding into his DMs on social media. Many have even boldly walked up to Gerry and asked him out on a date.

He’s given his phone number out to many women. Gerry is flattered by the attention he’s received thanks to the reality show. But he hasn’t booked any dates. Gerry is now cautious when women make the first move since he’s old-fashioned.

But he loves it when a woman is bold and goes for it. Gerry Turner also shared what he wants in his next leading lady. He admits that he still believes that the love of his life is out there.

Golden Bachelor Shares Ideal Woman

This time around, Gerry wants someone he can travel with. The retiree is ready for more adventures. Gerry also wants his next partner to be his best friend. It’s also important for that person to live in Indiana.

This can prevent a long-distance relationship, which was the cause of his divorce from Theresa Nist. The two get along well. The problem was they didn’t want to leave their families behind.

What are your thoughts on Gerry Turner’s Rolodex filling up? Does it surprise you that women are lining up to date him? Who do you think he should end up with? Sound off below in the comment section.

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