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Real Housewives Alum Meghan King Tells ‘Constant’ Lies, Claims Jim Edmonds!

Real Housewives alum Meghan King may want to encourage her fan club to get louder. Because her ex husband Jim Edmonds has come on strong in slamming the former Real Housewives Of Orange County (RHOC) star. And specifically, Edmonds claims that King constantly lies.

Find out what what the former pro basketball player alleged. And discover what Jim’s current wife claimed about Meghan. Get all the details below.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Spoilers – Alum’s Hubby Jim Edmonds SLAMS Meghan King

Not happy during the end of their marriage. And definitely not happy now. But beyond the loss of wedded bliss, Jim Edmonds wants to complain about his current relationship with his ex-wife, RHOC alum Meghan King.

And in the Hollywood Raw Podcast, Edmonds bashed King, 38, over allegedly lying. Known as a former professional baseball player, the 52-year-old occasionally appeared on Real Housewives Of Orange County with his then-wife. And the two seemed to enjoy life together at first. But on the podcast, Jim slammed Meghan, noted Page Six.

Real Housewives Of Orange County

The former pro athlete shared that he feels weary of Meghan allegedly uttering “constant lie after lie after lie” about Jim. And he claimed, “It’s just little jabs like that, nonstop for three years.” However, Edmonds then got blisteringly blunt. And he slammed the Real Housewives alum as “so f**king annoying.”

Real Housewives Of Orange County Spoilers – Meghan King Offers No Peace ‘As Long As She Talks’!

As a result of the complaints, the podcast host asked if Jim foresees a path to peace in the near future. And the former pro baseball player proclaimed, “Not as long as [Meghan] talks. I don’t know if the truth has come out of her mouth since her and I have been together,” added Edmonds. 

However, the RHOC alum’s ex then offered to provide “an entire list” of her alleged lies. And he insisted that he suffered from “three years of just straight lies.” But Jim focused on King’s allegations in a temporary protective order. And he called them “completely false.” 

Offering support, Edmonds’ current wife weighed in. And she claimed that the order “never” got served. Kortnie O’Connor added, “No one ever came here. We had no idea.” But Jim then accused King of exaggerating their 4-year-old son Hart’s cerebral palsy diagnosis. And he alleged that the RHOC alum did so to get fans to “relate” to her.

Edmonds urged his ex wife to “tell the truth. Don’t tell the sad stories all the time. Just be straight,” he suggested. And he shared that their son suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. However, Hart did not receive an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy, according to Edmonds. 

Because of the war between the exes, the two now use their nanny to manage in-person exchanges of their children. King and Edmonds also share 5-year-old daughter Aspen and Hart’s twin, Hayes. And Jim’s current wife complained that Meghan made it “hard for me even to co-parent with her. Because of the things she says about me, she’s embarrassed me, humiliated me. It’s like, how many punches do you take to the face before you just say enough?”

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