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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Spoilers: Teresa Giudice Gets Nasty At RHONJ Reunion!

Real Housewives Of New Jersey (RHONJ) spoilers reveal that Teresa Giudice hasn’t really changed much in 13 seasons of the reality TV show. And the OG of New Jersey proved herself just as hostile as ever at the RHONJ reunion, claim insiders. But did Teresa indulge in any of her infamous table-flipping ways?

Find out what happened at the Real Housewives Of New Jersey season 13 reunion. And learn exactly what Teresa did. Get all the details below.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Spoilers – Teresa Giudice Gets ‘Unhinged’

Andy Cohen created the concept of the now-famous Real Housewives reunions. And each one inevitably includes a clash or two between members of the cast. But when it comes to nasty encounters, Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice wins. For instance, she once even shoved Andy himself back into his chair. And the season 13 reunion of RHONJ showed Teresa up tTeresa Giudiceo her old ways, insiders told Page Six


Giudice seemed “completely unhinged” at the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion, claimed one source. And others described the RHONJ star as “out of control” during filming. One described Teresa as “nastier than ever” and frequently swearing. For instance, Giudice reportedly called her co-star Margaret Josephs a “f**king w**re.”

And overall, Teresa reportedly appeared “very unhappy.” But her “mad at the world” attitude left reunion host Andy Cohen “frustrated with her the entire time.” And one insider noted that Giudice seemed especially upset amid discussions of her family.

RHONJ Spoilers – Melissa And Joe Gorga Clash With Teresa

Teresa’s history with Melissa and Joe Gorga involves repeatedly clashing, making up, and then feuding again. And an insider noted that the trio possesses a timeline of “deep-rooted family issues.” However, Giudice misbehaved out of “hurt,” said the insider. But Melissa did not behave with that “same energy.” And Teresa herself shared that she felt anxious about interacting with her brother and sister-in-law. 

Giudice admitted that before the reunion, she expected a “very weird” and “uncomfortable situation.” But she insisted that she would do just “fine.” Filming reunion shows represents part of her “job.” And so Teresa seemed confident about her ability to survive. However, Giudice’s rapport with the Gorga family reportedly gets worse as the season progresses.

And Teresa blamed Melissa’s “daddy issues” for her problems. She opined that her sister-in-law has put her brother on a “leash.” And Giudice even hinted that Joe and Melissa’s daughter, Antonia Gorga, fueled the family feud by snubbing her daughter Milania Giudice’s 16th birthday party. But Melissa noted that Antonia needed to go to a cheer competition in Pennsylvania that same day. 

Melissa also attacked Teresa for not including her in her bridesmaid lineup. And she shared that Giudice failed to serve as a role model for “closeness.” But Teresa reacted with hostility. And Giudice declared, “If I felt the love, I would’ve [given it] right back to you.”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Joe Gorga need to end their on-going family feud? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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