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Sister Wives: Kody Feels ‘Trash Talked,’ Christine Tells Him To Grow Up!

Sister Wives spoilers reveal Kody Brown claiming to feel guilty about his lack of love for some of his spouses. But the Sister Wives star then complains about certain members of his family indulging in “trash talking” Kody.

Find out what the Sister Wives patriarch revealed about his family feuds. And keep reading to discover how Janelle and Christine Brown reacted.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does Kody Want To Reconcile With Janelle?

Will he or won’t he? Sister Wives spoilers via People reveal Kody Brown revealing how he feels about Janelle Brown. And the Sister Wives patriarch, 54, shares his complete lack of desire to reconcile with his 54-year-old ex. However, Kody’s remaining wife Robyn Brown still dreams that they can all reconnect and become one big happy family again.

Sister Wives: Kody Feels ‘Trash Talked,’ Christine Tells Him To Grow Up!

But sneak peeks for the Sister Wives: One on One Special show Kody admitting that he doesn’t “ever want to talk to Janelle again.” However, Robyn keeps up her game of re-creating that plural family. And she tells Kody, “You have six kids, that’s worth fighting for.”

But Kody then reflects on his first wife Meri Brown. And he confesses that he “told her I loved her and I chose to love her.” However, then their marriage fell apart. Meanwhile, Janelle and Christine Brown want Kody to defend what happened in their marriages like a “grown man.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Who’s ‘Trash Talking’ Kody Brown?

But after Janelle and Christine suggest that Kody learn to grow up, the Sister Wives patriarch throws shade while complaining. And he insists, “They’re trash talking me because I’m guilty of not loving them.”

But a disconnect occurs between Kody’s confessions and Robyn’s revelations. Because though the Sister Wives patriarch feels he can never reconcile with Janelle, Meri and Christine, Robyn disagrees.

And Kody’s fourth wife claims she thinks that they can all form a plural family again. However, Robyn did admit that it might appear “a little different. I sure hope it’s possible,” she added. “But I can’t have expectations.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Robyn Brown Hopes To Reconnect

And Robyn shared that she “can’t put expectations on people. I’m realizing more and more, as far as family and that connection and spending time together and stuff and operating kind of a family. So I hope and I pray that it’s possible,” she added. “But that will be that a situation where everybody has to choose that. So I don’t know.”

As Sister Wives followers know, Kody saw three of his marriages fall apart. First came his third wife Christine, followed by Janelle and then Meri. And Janelle shared, “Kody and I have separated and I’m happy, really happy. I don’t know, things just really became sort of indifferent, like I just didn’t care anymore.”

Tell us what you think. Do you believe Kody claiming to feel guilty about lacking love for some of his wives? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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