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Sister Wives: Kody Reveals What He Blames For Polygamy ‘Unraveling’

Sister Wives spoilers reveal Kody Brown playing the blame game. And the Sister Wives patriarch reveals exactly what he blames for his family falling apart.

However, Kody also insists that he doesn’t believe that he hit “rock bottom” just yet. Keep reading to learn what the Sister Wives patriarch thinks caused polygamy to fail for him.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Reflects On ‘Real Marriage’

Kody Brown compares his romance with his wife Robyn Brown to his three failed marriages in Sister Wives spoilers via People. And the Sister Wives patriarch reflects, “If you’re going to marry and you’re going to marry for eternity, you should start out in love.”

Sister Wives: Kody Reveals What He Blames For Polygamy 'Unraveling'

But Kody insists that he has not yet “hit rock bottom.” And although the Sister Wives patriarch seems to need anger management classes as he watches the “unraveling” of his family, he seems to take a certain pride in his contemplation abilities. 

“Something about the struggles in the family just made me kind of go, Is this what real life is like? Is this what real marriage is like? Is this how it is?” he muses. “I’ve been thinking about this. Like, all I do when I’m not working, it’s on my mind.”

And the Sister Wives patriarch reveals that he keeps “rolling through and replaying and rehashing discussions.” But Kody also keeps “rehashing my life and how I started this family out and everything.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Takes Risk For Polygamy

In just 14 months, Kody watched as wives Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown exited. And left only with his marriage to Robyn, Kody thinks that his desire for polygamy trumped his ability to choose wisely.

“I was so anxious to be living the principle of plural marriage that I was not vetting who I was marrying to be compatible with me,” he explains. But then the Sister Wives patriarch reveals what he really blames for the loss of three wives. 

“The blame lays on one thing and one thing only. If you’re going to marry and you’re going to marry for eternity, you should start out in love,” states Kody. And he admits thinking that he “could make up the difference. I thought [about] everything in this situation with all three wives, ‘This isn’t about being, like, in love. This is about growing a family together’.”

However, the Sister Wives patriarch shared that his experience with Robyn differed dramatically from his relationships with his other wives. And he points out that the “gospel requires us to love each other.” But Kody added that except for Robyn, “I never fell in love with anybody else. I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Kody blaming a lack of love for his plural marriage falling apart? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

  1. […] Christine said that for twenty years, he treated the other wives unfairly and that he gave all of his attention to Robyn Brown. She just wanted him to fully admit that he was the problem in all of these failed marriages. […]

  2. Teresa Smith says

    Cody is such a dick head.The three x’s are better off with out him.
    You could always tell Robin was his favorite..1

  3. Sarah says

    It’s obvious that Kodys idea of plural marriage was absolute control over all wives/families. He was of the belief that the multiple wives were there to keep him on a pedestal and worship him with their lives, their money and their sex to produce tons of kids to also worship him and prove his manhod. Everything was to be about his wants. What a great life for a narcissist. When the three figured it out that there was nothing in it for them, they got out of there. Too bad it took so long. I’m waiting to see how Kody and Robyn can live their lifestyle without the other wives money.

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