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Sister Wives Meri Brown Confirms There Will Be A Season 19

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Confirms There Will Be A Season 19Meri Brown, the now estranged wife of Kody Brown, has confirmed there will in fact be a season 19 of Sister Wives.

Since the end of season 18, fans have been wondering if the TLC series would continue after three of the famous patriarch’s wives divorced him.

Kody Brown remains with just one wife, Robyn Brown. The surprising turn of events would ultimately change the show but TLC plans to move forward with chronicling the lives of the Brown family.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Who Will Appear In Season 19?

Meri shared the news while making an appearance on a recent podcast entitled Miss Understood. While speaking with the host, the 53-year-old also confirmed that she would be returning for another season. “I’m around,” Meri shared before adding, “I’m not going anywhere.”

As far as who else would be returning to Sister Wives season 19 is unclear as of yet but one would assume Kody Brown and Robyn Brown will definitely be part of the show.

It also seems inevitable that fans will also be treated to some Janelle and Christine Brown screen time as both have left Kody Brown behind and seem to be thriving.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Will Kody Brown Look To Build His Family Back Up?

During the podcast Meri was also questioned about whether or not Kody Brown would be open to finding a new wife.

According to Meri, she highly doubts Kody would be open to the idea after not one but three separations. “Oh, I highly doubt they will. I would be shocked. He’s not going to – no. I’ve heard him say it,” Brown stated.

Meri also shared that she felt Robyn Brown was truly sad about losing her sister wives. She too may need some time to mourn as the pair figure out their relationship which appears to have turned into a monogamous relationship on a show that first began as an exploration of polygamy.

TLC has yet to officially announce the return of Sister Wives for a nineteenth season.

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