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Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Calls Out Kody Brown During Explosive Fight

While the next episode of “Sister Wives” season 18 will air on Sunday, September 3, a sneak peek of what to expect was exclusively shared by E! News. In the few-second clip, Janelle Brown and her ex-husband Kody Brown had a brawl about who was right and who was wrong when it came to their children.

The scene starts with the mom of 6 Janelle having a conversation with Kody about their children. In a split second everywhere heated up immediately Kody blamed Janelle for being the reason for his strained relationship with his sons especially Garrison, 24, and Gabe, 21.

Janelle, who is absolutely sure that Kody’s issues with the boys happened through no fault of hers, flared up and called Kody out for “Always flipping it back on me.”

Sister Wives Spoilers — Kody Brown Never Takes Responsibility For His Actions

Last year, viewers got to know that Kody enforced some strict rules for his family to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Call Out Kody Brown For "Always Flipping It Back On Me" During Explosive Fight

However, viewers also got to understand that those rules of Kody had a hand in breaking his family as two (Janelle and Christine) out of Kody’s three ex-wives were not completely in support of those rules including their children.

In the episode, Janelle shared in her private confessional how “Kody feels like it’s my responsibility to facilitate this relationship between him and my children” without minding the fact that “he is a parent as much as I am.”

In their heated argument scene, after Janelle told Kody that he was “always flipping it back on me,” Kody fired back with, “That because it belongs on you, Janelle,” and backed it up by asking, “Why does it belong on me?”

Sister Wives Spoilers — Janelle Brown “Didn’t Support” Kody’s COVID-19 rules.

In Kody’s defense, Janelle “didn’t support” his COVID-19 rules but took sides with her kids who were vehemently against it from the get-go.

He proceeded to tell the 54-year-old “All you have to do is support what I’m doing. Do you understand that parents are supposed to make a united front?”

Janelle responded with, “You keep acting like this is my fault. You are gaslighting me.” She continued, “This ‘I feel so pressured’ bulls–t? This is you saying, ‘I don’t wanna do it but I’m gonna make it your fault.'”

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