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Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Are Kody and Robyn Brown Being Called Out By Fans?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans have started to get Robyn and Kody Brown hate lately. They have recently been called out for rehearsing scenes from the show. Robyn is the only wife that Kody has left out of four. His three other wives left him and started to work on their happiness. They have all stated that they did not like the way that they were treated and polygamy didn’t work for them.

As fans have started to rewatch Sister Wives, they have started to notice that some of the scenes look very rehearsed. Now they are weighing in on what has happened on the show and if Kody and Robyn have been faking things the whole time. Let’s find out more about why fans think this.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Are Kody and Robyn Brown Being Called Out By Fans?

Robyn And Kody Brown’s Love Story

During the first season of Sister Wives, Robyn and Kody seemed happier than ever. She told the cameras about how he was her soulmate and was so happy that she had found him.


She had been married before and had children from that marriage, but she felt that monogamy wasn’t the right thing for her. She loved that the Brown family made polygamy work and that made her feel comfortable with being part of this relationship.

With the focus being on Robyn for many years, viewers were quick to point out some of their conversations are completely rehearsed. After watching the seaons back, Redditors were quick to call out Robyn and Kody for these scripted moments.

Redditors React

When Redditors decided to share their thoughts about Kody and Robyn’s scripted moments, there were plenty of them who were on the same page.

The first thing they brought up was the fact that Robyn was sulking around for a lot of the show, but when certain things were brought up, she turned into a different person. They pointed out that she looked miserable for so long and this all seemed very rehearsed.

These Redditors pointed out that Robyn seems to always play the victim and it all changed when she got her wish to be married to Kody.

This new season of the show will more than likely show fans what Robyn is really like now that there are no other women in Kody’s life. We will have to wait and see.

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