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Kody Brown Reveals His Anger Issues In The New Season

Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kody had confessed that he has anger management issues.

This will be revealed in the upcoming 18th season of the show.

This season, fans will see what happened to their family after Kody had split with Christine. Christine moved to Utah, and it was shown in the finale of last season.

And now, fans were kind of excited to see the ex-couple in one frame again.

Kody Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine And Kody Brown’s meeting

In the recent episode, Christine and Kody met to talk about their plans as a family for the holidays. They also talked about their youngest child together – probably about how their living situation would be since they had split up.

However, their talk turned into an argument when Kody showed his anger towards Christine after she left him. Kody then confessed that he had a lot of anger because of their separation.

But Kody was fine with Christine being around. What was bothering him were the talks behind his back between Christine and their children. He thinks they were about the reason for their break-up.

But Christine quickly expressed her side and said that all of Kody’s accusations were not true. She said that what she talks about with her kids are the things that they find hard since it’s different now after she moved.

The ex-couple still wants to have a good relationship with each other

Their meeting is not all about their anger towards each other. Kody and Christine still talked about their arrangements. After all, they still share six kids together.

Although we couldn’t say kids as most of them are adults. But they still have a teenager, Truely, who is just 13 years old.

She’s also the main concern because she is the youngest. And it’s probably harder for teenagers to adjust after their parents have split up.

Kody suggested that they should take counseling together so that the issues between the two of them would be resolved and they could live peacefully as they are still part of each other’s lives.

Christine also opened up about the reason for their split from her perspective. She said that when Kody married his fourth wife in 2014.

Going back to the suggested therapy, Christine agreed with Kody’s suggestion to have counseling. He added that he really wants to make things work with her, especially for the kids.

Christine also said that she wants to still have a good relationship with him for the sake of their youngest child, Truely.

We could not wait to see how the upcoming episodes would turn out, knowing that these events had already happened for quite a while and a lot of things already happened since then.

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