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Meghan Markle Distrusts Kate Middleton, Wants Prince Harry To Avoid Her!

Meghan Markle reportedly doesn’t trust any member of the royal family except for her lucky hubby, Prince Harry.

But when it comes to distrust, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton ranks top on Meghan’s “Avoid This Woman” list.

And when the Duchess of Sussex learned about Prince Harry’s plans to meet with his father King Charles, Meghan immediately predicted that Kate would somehow involve herself and make everything worse.

Find out about a new report that offers insight into Meghan’s feud with Kate. And learn why Markle believes Middleton might cause problems for Harry’s peace talks with his father. Get all the details below.

Meghan Markle Distrusts Kate Middleton, Wants Prince Harry To Avoid Her!

Meghan Markle Thinks Kate Will ‘Meddle’ In Harry’s Affairs

Prince Harry reportedly hopes to meet with his father King Charles in early September. But as the Duke of Sussex, 38, focuses on figuring out how to achieve peace, his wife Meghan Markle fears that her sister-in-law Kate Middleton will “meddle” in the conversation between father and son.

And insiders via the Post shared that Meghan, 42, won’t join Harry in visiting the UK. 

Harry’s upcoming visit to London will focus on appearing at the annual WellChild charity event. After the Duke of Sussex participates in the event, he will fly to Germany for the Invictus Games competition. But amid his time in London, Harry wants to meet with his father, King Charles.

However, the Duke of Sussex doesn’t feel the same way as Meghan about Kate. And while Markle worried that Princess Kate will involve herself in Harry’s talk with Charles, Harry actually trusts Kate.

But the Duke of Sussex still faces challenges in his relationship with his brother Prince William.

Prince Harry Respects Princess Kate

Harry must face up to the fact that his relationship with William has hit “an impasse right now,” revealed an insider.

But despite that, the Duke of Sussex respects his sister-in-law Kate amid problems with William. And that could mean a clash between Harry and Meghan because of Markle’s distrust of Kate.

When Meghan learned about Harry’s plans for achieving peace with his father, she immediately “worried” that her sister-in-law Kate would “meddle” in the rumored peace talks between Prince Harry and King Charles, said an insider.

And Meghan does not want Harry to talk with Kate during his time in the UK, claimed the source.

“Meghan will not be happy if he goes ahead with this,” warned the insider about Kate and Harry meeting up.

And the source shared that the Duchess of Sussex “hates the idea of not being there to defend herself. [Meghan] can’t help but feel that Kate is meddling in their business.”

However, the history of Meghan’s troubled relationship with Kate goes back to Markle’s interview with Oprah in 2021. And that interview, combined with criticism of the royal family, has fueled Meghan’s feud with Kate.

After Harry published his tell-all memoir, he and Meghan became increasingly estranged from the royal family. Can one meeting between Harry and King Charles change everything? 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan Markle distrusting Kate Middleton? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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    It’s hard to believe anything they say anymore, from the car chase in New York to different people saying things about them. It seems like they just want to keep there names in the news. Can’t they just get a life and be happy?? I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tired of seeing there names always complaining.

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