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Sister Wives Fans Call Out Robyn Brown For ‘Fat Shaming’ Christine & Janelle

Two words for this, “Game Up.” Yep, the wool has been pooled from the eyes of Sister Wives fans. They can finally see Robyn Brown for who she truly is. Her game is up.

When Robyn’s fellow sister wives tagged her “Kody’s favorite,” it was as though it came from a place of jealousy, especially since Robyn is the only legally married one out of the four wives of Kody Brown.

Whenever Robyn shares her thoughts concerning the actions of her now ex-sister wives in her confessionals, she always breaks down in tears describing how she has tried to make friends with mostly Christine and Janelle to no avail.

The most recent and final episode of Sister Wives season 17 had Robyn showing her true colors and fans have a lot to say to her.

Sister Wives — Robyn Brown Fat Shamed Christine Brown And Janelle Brown

Of the four wives of Kody Brown, his third wife Christine Brown, 50, was the first to separate from him. The ex-couple who share kids, Mykelti, Paedon, Ysabel, Aspyn, Gwendlyn, and Truely separated in November 2021.

Sister Wives

The following year, Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown, 53, announced her separation from Kody. Few months later, the first wife Meri Brown followed suit, leaving only the fourth and last wife Robyn.

It’s no secret that Christine and Janelle who are very close to each other consider Robyn as Kody’s favorite, Robyn is banking on the fact that she’s the last wife standing, to trash talk Christine and Janelle, and guess what? Kody did nothing about it.

During the final interview of the season finale, host Sukanya Krishnan asked Robyn if Kody has thought of getting new wives, and to that, Robyn replied no. However, things took a shocking turn when out of the blue Robyn made derogatory comments about Christine and Janelle.

Robyn said, “He’s had wives reject him affection-wise because they are uncomfortable or they don’t like it. If you’re sitting there just constantly nagging at your husband about what you didn’t get even though you have this apple in your hand, but you really want her orange… how is he supposed to feel appreciated?”

Robyn went on to add, “When I came into this family, I knew and I saw when there’s stretch marks and there’s weight gain. And there’s like – you’re being stagnant in your marriage and there’s fights and money problems or whatever it is.”

She concluded, “He still had this romance going with each of them. I saw it, he had sweet things with each of them. It’s not better, it’s just different. Relationships are hard, get your butt in there and work it out.”

Sister Wives — Reaction From Fans After Robyn Brown’s Comments

As was stated initially, Robyn’s game is up. No more shedding of crocodile tears to make people believe she’s been hated for no reason. After those words rolled off her tongue, fans made use of Instagram to call her out immediately.

Someone said, “That right there ladies and gentlemen we see/saw the real Robyn…” Another added, “Stretch marks? Go get a job and stop tearing down other women.”

A third said, “Robyn finally goes mask off. Blames the wives for the problems with Kody. She also weirdly brings up other’s weight, and stretch marks and praises him for still being romantic with them? Kody impregnating them repeatedly made those stretch marks by the way. Her rant is very revealing.”

And another seconded, “Robyn is praising Kody for staying with wives despite stretch marks? Stretch marks from carrying his children no less. Wow this is disgusting.”

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