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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Memoir Like Shark Bait, Public Frenzied To Buy The Book

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry’s intimate memoir, including loads of unwanted info about his nether regions, was prematurely published last week in Spain. It came minutes after the Guardian leaked explosive excerpts from a book due to officially drop January 10.

Has the early release of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” affected the duke’s bottom line, did the public gets it’s fill and will now look elsewhere for thrills about his Hollyweird lifestyle?

Royal Family News – Harry Was Premature

According to the New York Times, the leaks combined with spicy interview clips bedeviled Random House but, “has also driven early interest.”

It would not be exaggeration to say that Harry’s mug, if not his much-discussed private parts, have dominated news cycles and hogged headlines. The deets out of his mouth are juicy and sensational. As a result the media has pulled all-nighters to keep an endless source of Dirty Harry news fresh.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Memoir Like Shark Bait, Public Frenzied To Buy The Book

Prince Harry The Spare

For example, Harry breathlessly described how his brother and the future king, William, gave him a beatdown during a disagreement about his wife Meghan “Yoko” Markle. Harry also broke an unspoken military rule and blabbed that he, “killed 25 people in Afghanistan.” He also blames William for his personal choice to dress up like a Nazi and parade around. So it’s a wonder he didn’t also blame Wills for the loss of his virginity, in which he “mounted” an older woman in a field behind a bar, and was rewarded with a spank.

Royal Family News – Harry Is A Blabber Mouth

All of this dirt has come out and trickles are still coming, which begs the question, are readers still willing to fork out cash for the actual book?

Prince Harry’s Memoir Spare

According to the outlet, the answer is yes. The memoir, “held the No. 1 spot on Amazon in the United States and Britain on Friday, as well as at Barnes & Noble. Booksellers and distributors said that preorders are enormous and growing with the avalanche of press coverage. Still, the extraordinary volume of leaks highlighted the challenges, and perhaps the impossibility, of choreographing the release of what may be the most anticipated and divisive celebrity memoir of all time.”

Prince Harry’s Book A Success

So, despite the wall-to-wall coverage Harry has received in the last three days, “booksellers expect the memoir to be an unmitigated success. Random House has said it is printing 2.5 million hardcover copies for North America alone. Ingram, the book wholesaler, has 90,000 copies in its warehouses to restock stores that run out. ReaderLink, which distributes books to chain stores like Target and Walmart, said it had ordered about 300,000 copies. Barnes & Noble has also ordered hundreds of thousands of copies.”

As a Barnes & Noble exec said, “We’re making a bet that this book has got legs,” he said. “It’s not going to be a flash in the pan.” Unlike its royal subject.

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