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Sister Wives: Kody And Robyn Busted Faking Storylines

Sister Wives Season 18 is underway and the Brown Family reality TV show keeps getting more and more dramatic with every episode. 

Of course, the show is several months behind.  Currently, Christine Brown has left Kody and his marriage to Janelle Brown has imploded. 

We all know that in the end, Janelle and Kody’s arguing is all for nothing because they have also separated.

Kody Brown has always struggled financially.  But, he had four wives bringing in an income.  Now, he is down to just Robyn’s help and the patriarch is panicking. 

Sister Wives: Kody And Robyn Busted Faking Storylines

It looks like Kody finally got the memo that Sister Wives fans could care less about his and Robyn’s marriage, and they needed to spice things up a bit for the cameras.  But, general consensus on the internet is that they are laying it on a bit too thick.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Robyn Brown Cries For The Cameras, Again

A recent Sister Wives Season 18 scene began going viral on social media.  Robyn Brown sobs to the cameras that she is scared Kody is going to leave her. 

And, Kody rants that he is “having dark thoughts” and wants to be “the devil he knows he is.”  Then the Sister Wives star begs the camera crew not to show Robyn what he just said.

If there were reality TV Oscars, we’d have to send Robyn and Kody home with one.  But, nobody is buying their crocodile tears and emotional meltdowns for the cameras. 

The fact that Robyn is scared Kody will leave her is laughable to say the least.  The man left three women and 15 kids to be with you.  And, no one else wants him.  It’s safe to say that Kody isn’t going anywhere, simmer down Robyn.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Puts On Quite The Show

As far as Kody’s “dark side,” Sister Wives fans have painted him as a villain since day one.  We know all about your dark side Kody, we have watched your life play out on camera for 18 years.  Is this supposed to be breaking news?

Sister Wives spoilers say Kody and Robyn are just getting started and they have a ton of desperate new storylines brewing to keep fans tuning in.  Do you think Kody and Robyn are putting on a show to keep the show afloat?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Lori Walters says

    Why aren’t Janelle and Mary suing Kody and Mary for the money they gave them to buy their house. It is my understanding Janelle and Mary sold their Las Vegas homes they took that money to help Kody and Janelle. They should get a lawyer/lawyers to put this in motion. Also Kody should be paying child support to Christine for her youngest daughter Truely and for Janelle’s youngest daughter Savannah. They are still minors. Is he contributing to them. Kody did not even call Savannah for Christmas. Where are his gifts to his other children and grandchildren. All went to Robyn’s kids. Mini bikes being the big gifts. He did not even call send a card or a gift card or a few dollars to his other children. The 2 minors and even grown children have done nothing. They may support their mothers as they realize the unfair treatment of Kody towards them. He should not take his troubles out on his children. Also his confessional’s are so fake. You could still have a sister’s wives tv show without Kody. He is a horrible person. He can not deal with the fact that his women won’t kiss his feet or follow blindly!

  2. Lori Walters says

    In my past. moment there is an error. The money given for down payment or buying home from Janelle and Mary went to Kody and Robyn. I wrote Kody and Janelle in error.

  3. Tony Currie says

    He has totally disregarded Meri and just quit on her on the show and all the wives agreed with him on his behavior towards her, that’s your wife Bruh you should’ve tried to work it out all that time and he was so unfair and uninterested. But he didn’t want Christine he didn’t want to sleep with her, that’s why I am so confused as to why he’s angry. Is he angry because he didn’t get to walk out and she did, that’s the only thing I can see him being upset about. He said himself he preferred to be with Robyn so why is he angry because the woman are repeating what he said!! Robyn knows she’s happier with her than he was or ever been with the other wives. He told Janelle that they had not been in a married relationship in years but it always comes back to him and his feelings what about the ladies are they not to have feelings?? He’s not a good father or husband to anyone but Robyn and her children so dude go be happy

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