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Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Not Impressed With Mykelti Padron, Why?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that there are fans who have started to throw shade at Mykelti Padron. It turns out that she has made some comments about her father, Kody Brown that some fans were not impressed with. Fans of the show have noticed that she has started to talk more about her father on social media, but does that mean she doesn’t support her mother, Christine Brown? Let’s find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Offputting Comments

Myketli has been very open about growing up in a polygamist family. She pretty much says what is on her mind at all times. She will speak as harshly as she has to in order to get her point across and fans have started to really notice. Mykelti opened up about the ways that Meri Brown treated the children and now she is opening up more about her dad. Many of her fans feel like she gives Kody too much credit as a father.

Redditors wanted to talk about why they weren’t impressed with Mykelti. One of them wrote, “She is publicly defending two bad people while not caring the way she throws her mom under the bus.” This came after Mykelti made a comment about her mother that came off as scolding, but when her father did the same thing, she praised him. She also has called out Meri’s behavior, but still always speaks so highly of her father and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers – More Reactions to Mykelti

One more Redditor wrote, “It’s similar to the weekend parent love. They aren’t present for the discipline and everyday stuff so they are better parents in their kids’ eyes. Mykelti is used to being the black sheep and now she is getting to be the golden child.” The way that Mykelti supports one parent and not another is a little confusing for fans. This is why they have started to call her out on it.

Even though a lot of her fans do not support her, there are some who think it is brave of her not to talk down about her father. Kody has gotten a lot of backlash and hate since Christine left him. He has been called out for not attending Ysabel Brown’s back surgery and for making tough COVID rules.

Nevertheless, he has done something right in at least one child’s eyes. If Mykelti continues to stand up for her father, she may lose some fans, but this is the Kody that she remembers growing up with and her fans will have to try and see it her way.

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  1. Judy Robinette says

    Don’t like Mkyiel she is beening a spoiled brat right now and she should stand up for her mom more and have her back and not Kody and Robin. And I don’t believe the crap they telling on Meri because she would have been abusing her own daughter to. You guys can’t see it but Kody and all the other wives abuse Meri for years. Kody didn’t have divorce Meri and marry Robin to just adopt her kids from her first marriage. Same on all of you guy’s for leaving Meri all those years. You all need a reality check. You guys believe Kody all them years and his lies he told

    1. Claire says

      Merit has also trashed the other wife’s in past, but I do feel bad because the divorce was her idea to help Robyn and her kids and that is when the shit for her started, especially when she talked about another baby with Kodi and he just slammed her and he did not want more kids, next thing we know is Robyn is pregnant 1 plus 2 times how do u think that made her feel, plus the way Kodi talks to her is terrible, and he complains he get no respect, he does not deserve any, he has pushed almost all but a couple of his kids away,and all but 1 wife, he is nothing that great. As for Christine and her King GO GIRL FRIEND, JANELLE YOU NEED LOVE IN YOUR LIFE TO, SO GO GET IT,BE HAPPY

  2. Patty Prince says

    Christina was brave and smart to get away from Kody, the controller. He’s an idiot so is Robyn and her ride older Daughter’s. Just like their mother. Robyn manipulated Kody to get rid of the wives. She wants all of the attention. Saw that from day one. Kody is ugly in behavior and action. Or should we say no action. He demands respect for nothing. No one can live in a captive manor. They were prisoners. Good luck to the ladies that got away. Thank God.

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