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The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner DUMPS Girlfriend For Weight Gain, FAKES Resume

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner allegedly lied about his romantic past and his resume, according to a new report. And one of his ex-girlfriends even recalled how Turner broke up with her for gaining weight after making her pay to live with him.

Find out how Gerry allegedly faked his past for the Golden Bachelor. And keep reading to learn what one of his former girlfriends revealed. 

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner Lies About Past?

Researchers for the Hollywood Reporter found evidence that the Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner lied about his resume and his romantic history. For instance, Turner described himself as a retired restaurant owner. But although Gerry sold a hamburger drive-in franchise in 1985, he didn’t retire.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Dumps Ex For Getting Fat, FAKES Resume

And instead of retiring at age 55, which the Golden Bachelor claimed, he worked in various management and sales positions. And Turner also worked as a maintenance man at the Vera French Mental Health Center.

But despite claiming on the Golden Bachelor to have experienced no dates in the past 45 years, Turner enjoyed a three-year romance with a woman 14 years younger than him. And the two lived together for nearly two years. However, another woman revealed that Turner dated various women in the past. 

But the woman with whom Turner lived revealed that on the Golden Bachelor, he used the same move and lines as with her. For instance, Turner told his former girlfriend, “Damn, I go to bed at night thinking of you and wake up in the morning thinking of you.” And he used a similar line on the Golden Bachelor.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Ex Girlfriend Slams Gerry Turner

And Turner’s former girlfriend recalled that his “texts had turned hot and heavy so relatively soon.” He then pressured her to move in with him, promising her mother that he would marry her. 

But after she moved, Gerry informed his then-girlfriend that she needed to pay $1,000 a month and split costs for all meals. He also demanded that she make the bed before breakfast. But the end came as she packed for his high school reunion.

And Turner pointed to her body, saying, “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that.” After he cancelled his invitation because she gained weight, he ordered her to leave the house. And when she fell down the stairs, Turner accused her of using the fall as an excuse to stay longer. He told her to head to a hotel.

And the woman recalls struggling to get to her car in winter after Gerry kicked her out. But now, three years later, Turner has portrayed himself as a very different person on the Golden Bachelor. However, based on his ex girlfriend’s account, will the woman that Gerry chooses be a winner… or a loser?

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  1. sShelley says

    If what I just read about Gerry, and the way he treated his girlfriends, I wouldn’t want any part of him. Is he a fraud? Is he a liar, or just someone who sweet talks you. I don’t know who to believe. He cries a lot, about his love of his deceased wife, but also said he didn’t really date. He seems sincere, but..l don’t trust him . There is something about him, that turns me off. Just saying.

  2. Linda S. says

    This is certainly a lot to swallow. I don’t know whether to believe it. Why hasn’t the woman come forward herself?

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