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The Golden Bachelor: Gerry Turner Shares Guilty Pleasure, Taboo, And Role Model

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal Gerry Turner opening up about everything from taboo topics to guilty pleasures. And the Golden Bachelor star even vented about his pet peeve.

Find out how Gerry responded to questions about his life past and present. And keep reading to discover what the Golden Bachelor star revealed about celebrity couples.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner Tackles Taboo

No topic seems taboo for Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner. And so when Bachelor Nation asked him to answer a series of questions, the reality TV star admitted that he loves talking about a certain “taboo topic: All too often, people of a certain age are stereotyped.

The Golden Bachelor: Gerry Turner Shares Guilty Pleasure, Taboo, And Role Model

I like to break age biases and push the envelope HARD so we are seen as individuals and not a number associated with age,” said Turner. 

But the Golden Bachelor star also admitted that he can’t name a celebrity couple who defines relationship goals. And he confessed, “I do not have time in my life to follow someone else’s love life!! That requires social media savvy I don’t have and a priority I don’t need.”

But Gerry does know his guilty pleasure: Dairy Queen Blizzards. “When I can avoid them I do, but once I get started, I will have them daily for a week!!! Yes, I always order the LARGE,” he admitted.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Shares Best Love Tip

However, Turner also shared “the best relationship advice I ever received. ‘Don’t look for the partner you can live with; look for the partner you can’t live without.’ That advice came from Trista Sutter and helped me immensely to make decisions on the show,” noted the Golden Bachelor star.

And he also shared his “biggest pet peeve: People who drive UNDER the speed limit, especially in the passing lane. Geez!!” But on a positive note, Turner has planned his “last meal on earth as Fettuccini Alfredo with salmon. Add on some crusty bread and olive oil and I would go out happy.”

And Turner even shared his hidden talent. “I juggle. Once upon a time I could also ride a unicycle, but that’s a distant memory,” he joked. As for inspiration, the Golden Bachelor star points to his father.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner Shares Role Model

“Definitely my dad. At 92 he still thinks the world is his oyster. He has several serious medical problems, but never gives up his happy and positive attitude. He has been such a role model,” praised Turner. 

And Gerry shared what he learned from appearing on the Golden Bachelor. “Enjoy every moment of life. Drink in every nuance present because it is all important. And, to be patient. If you go on the Golden Bachelor, the most important thing to pack for the Golden Bachelor is an open heart and all the HOPE you can fit in the suitcase.”

But asked where he sees himself in five years, Turner shared, “Five years!?!? Are you nuts? I don’t even buy green bananas!!! I’m excited about the “here and now.” I will take everything life has to give and land where I land.”

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