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Golden Bachelor: Find Out Who Gerry Turner Chose, Is He Engaged?!

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Gerry Turner finally chose between the two finalists. And a new report even teases if the Golden Bachelor star and his lucky lady have become engaged.

Find out who Gerry reportedly chose. And keep reading to learn if he and his supposed soul mate have stayed together.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Who Does Gerry Turner Choose?

A new report via TV Insider has revealed who the Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner chose on the season finale, which airs on Thursday, November 30. And spoilers tease that Turner will spend the rest of his life with the Golden Bachelor’s winning lady. 

Golden Bachelor: Find Out Who Gerry Turner Chose, Is He Engaged?!

Fans have longed to know what happened after the last episode. It showed Gerry trying to choose between Leslie Fhima, a 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Theresa Nist, a 70-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. But after Turner proclaimed his love for both women in the wake of time alone in the fantasy suites, some fans thought Gerry seemed like a fraud and a player.

However, an insider claims to know who Turner chooses on the upcoming season finale of the Golden Bachelor. And the source has revealed that Gerry gave his final rose to Theresa.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Has Gerry Become Engaged?

And the insider also revealed that Theresa felt thrilled to accept that rose. However, the source also claimed that Gerry proposed. And three months after filming ended, the engagement has lasted as the couple stayed together.

“Gerry got engaged to Theresa. They are still engaged, and we’ll see what happens with their lives,” revealed Reality Steve said on his Daily Roundup podcast. And he added, “You know, Theresa is from New Jersey. Gerry loves his life in Indiana. So we’ll find out on November 30, when they’re live on the couch, exactly what their plans are… what they’ve been up to these last couple months. But Gerry is engaged to Theresa.”

And Turner also teased his current status in a recent interview. “We’ve had good conversation about it, and there are a number of options, and we haven’t come to a final conclusion on that,” he revealed about where the couple will reside. “I really like where I live. She really likes where she lives.”

But Leslie may suffer after Turner claimed to love her. However, Theresa and Gerry share similar histories. For instance, both became widowed, taking on the responsibility of becoming single parents to their adult children. And the fantasy suites date helped facilitate the relationship, with Theresa getting honest about her experience.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Gerry Turner will choose Theresa on the Golden Bachelor finale? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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