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The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Did Leslie Fhima Accidentally Leak Winner?

The Golden Bachelor spoilers tease whether Leslie Fhima accidentally leaked the winner. This group of women isn’t used to social media. They could accidentally leak a spoiler. Bachelor Nation noticed there was a woman in Gerry Turner’s bedroom when he had a virtual interview with Us Weekly. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Did Leslie Fhima Leak The Winner?

According to the Golden Bachelor spoilers, Leslie Fhima allegedly leaked the winner. She dropped a major clue on social media. On Thanksgiving Day, she took to Instagram to share a cute family photo.

Leslie was a clear contender from the start. However, some fans think that Theresa Nist could end up with the final rose.

 The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Did Leslie Fhima Accidentally Leak Winner?

In her latest Instagram post, Leslie shared a cozy family photo. She sat on the couch with her grandkids and kids with the family dog.

This update comes just weeks after viewers were introduced to them during the hometown dates. She captioned the shot: “Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.”

Bachelor Nation was quick to talk about Gerry’s final pick. The Golden Bachelor spoilers suggest that Leslie leaked that she didn’t spend Thanksgiving with Gerry. Some wanted to know if Gerry also joined them for the holiday.

“Is Gerry taking the picture?” one fan asked. “I hope it’s Golden Bachelor taking this picture,” another user noted.

Other fans were mixed. They couldn’t stop talking about the finale, which airs on Thursday, November 30. Some took this photo as a sign that Leslie wasn’t Gerry’s final pick. “I wanted her to win so much,” one user wrote. “Nah he is with Theresa,” another fan added.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – New Clues About Gerry Turner’s Final Pick

The Golden Bachelor spoilers suggest there are more clues. While most fans believe that Gerry Turner chose Leslie Fhima, others believe that Theresa is the clear winner.

Leslie could’ve been dropping clues that she was the one left standing alone. Throughout the season, Leslie posted photos of her and Gerry from their one-on-one dates.

Bachelor Nation took to Reddit to speculate on her social media posts. Some fans are still hopeful that Gerry chose Leslie in the end. One user has a theory about Leslie’s Instagram posts.

One fan wrote: “Pretty sure he picks Leslie. If you look at her Instagram, she’s the only one who’s posted about every date with Gerry after the episode aired. They have the most intimate photos up. I’m assuming because she was already chosen she’s putting them up.”

What are your thoughts on Leslie Fhima’s Instagram post? Do you think Gerry Turner ended up with Theresa? Or, do you think it’s a clear sign he’s with Leslie? Sound off below in the comment section.

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