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The Golden Bachelor Winner Revealed In TikTok Video?!

The Golden Bachelor fans think they know who won. And a TikTok video might have spilled the clues to which contestant Gerry Turner chose. 

Find out what fans of The Golden Bachelor discovered. And keep reading for more about the possible winner.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – TikTok Reveals Winner?

Could a TikTok video give away the winner of The Golden Bachelor? Fans think so as they tried to guess who Gerry Turner choose. The show has narrowed it down to two finalists, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. And Gerry made his choices clear on the Women Tell All special, where he dismissed Faith Martin.

But fans can’t wait to see if Gerry chooses Leslie or Theresa, both of whom Turner claimed to love, noted TV Insider.

The Golden Bachelor Winner Revealed In TikTok Video?!

Leslie and Theresa will meet up with Gerry in the fantasy suites, according to the Golden Bachelor spoilers. And then the show will go on hiatus for Thanksgiving. However, the November 30 finale will reveal Gerry finally choosing. 

But fans believe they know who Turner selected. And the clues reside in a TikTok video that Leslie shared. The clip shows Leslie at home with her granddaughter Sofia. And a man’s laugh in the background sounds like Gerry.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Laughter Gives Away Finale

In her caption, Leslie wrote, “Dancing into the new year with my grandaughter Kiki #shanatova.” But fans obsessed about the man laughing in the background. For instance, one wrote, “I hear Gerry giggling in the background!!!” And another shared, “Ummm, did I hear a tiny Gerry laugh from behind the camera?”

One fan pointed out, “Whoever is filming starts to laugh and it weirdly sounds like Gerry’s laugh. I think he ends up with Leslie just from that video. That’s my guess!” And several others concurred that the laughter sounded like the star of The Golden Bachelor. 

However, one viewer noted that Gerry could have filmed the video amid his hometown visits. And that would mean his laughter did not reveal his final choice.

“It’s possible that clip was filmed during Leslie’s hometown visit. Also, not sure that the family knows who is picked yet. Trusting a child that they won’t say something seems a bit risky….,” pointed out the fan. 

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Leslie Fhima Admitted Loving Gerry Turner

However, a separate video interview seemingly showed Leslie in the background. And a mirror behind Gerry shows a woman seated on a bed. One fan wrote, “Did you guys see the woman sitting on the bed?” And another shared, “Looks like Leslie and she’s using a laptop. Looks intentional to me.”

But fans seem to have lined up on Team Leslie. And the hometown visits showed her telling Gerry, “I am in love with you.” But he responded, “Leslie, I love you.” And their date revealed Leslie confiding about her divorces and life as a single mother.

“I think she’s giving me a piece of herself. The feeling I have with her is just really warm, affectionate closeness,” revealed Gerry. And he confessed, “If things continue to process like they have today… I could absolutely see Leslie as someone I could leave here with at the end of the journey.”

Tell us what you think. Who do you predict Gerry will choose? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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